Alex Gerrard’s moody pregnancy

Pregnant WAG Alex reveals that she suffered mood swings during early pregnancy and talks about loving her baby bump


WAG Alex Gerrard has revealed that she experienced horrible mood swings during the early stages of her pregnancy.


Revealing all about her pregnancy during a recent interview, 28-year-old Alex said, “It was quite hard in the beginning as I felt so tired and was really moody. It was horrible, actually.”

Thankfully, the mood swings were only temporary and now Alex is “feeling much better”. She is also finding her third pregnancy really different to her first and second. “I breezed through the other pregnancies, but I was younger then, so I think that helped.”

Alex, who is married to England and Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard, also said she’s started loving her baby bump now that it has ‘popped’.

“I think the worst stage of your pregnancy is just before your bump starts to show and you just feel bloated and out of shape,” Alex said. “But now that my bump is here, it’s great!”

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