Alex Jones not long left The One Show to embark on maternity leave… but she’s already back on the popular BBC One evening programme.


Well, on the phone, that is.

The 39-year-old TV presenter gave her colleagues Matt Baker and Angela Scanlon a quick ring to let them - and her loyal viewers - know that she’d given birth!

Just days ago, Alex shared a ‘huge and proud’ bump snap, saying she’ll miss her pregnancy tum when it’s gone - a feeling that’ll come sooner rather than later, now that she and husband Charlie have welcomed their 1st child, a baby boy.

She told the show:

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"I do have news! Our beautiful baby boy was born. We are absolutely delighted and completely in love... It's the most wonderful feeling. He was 7lb 11oz. A lovely weight. Very straight forward.

"It was lovely. Charlie was with me and my mum and dad were in the waiting room. The past four days we has been in heaven. We're in a bubble.

She also admitted:

"We're behind on the name thing but because we didn't know the sex. We thought when we see him we'll know what he is."

Maaaan… the name.

We’ve written loads about choosing your baby’s name in the past - because we know it’s an incredibly important decision, and often a difficult one at that.

If it doesn’t immediately come to you upon seeing your baby’s face for the first time, or you don’t make your choice well in advance (like if you do find out the sex) - then how on earth do you pick?

Where do you start? And it’s not like there are just a few options… it can feel like there are infinite ones.

But while we’ve got loads of different ideas for you to mull over (check out our baby names finder) - it seems Alex was particularly keen to reach out to her fans to help her settle on a name.

"Maybe I can have some help?” she asked on the phone. "Every time we ask people they have suggestions. We can ask viewers!”

We hope they have some good ideas… but don’t worry, it’s not a be-all-and-end-all decision. Loads of people don’t know this, but if you land on one you’re not 100% sold on, there’s always time to change it ?

What do you reckon?

We can’t wait to find out what Alex and Charlie name their little one.

What do you think it’ll be? And what names would you recommend to Alex and her hubby?

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Images: Instagram/Alex Jones

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