Alex Jones felt ‘murderous’ breastfeeding at night – as husband Charlie slept soundly beside her

Surely there's a fair few of us out there who've been in a similar sitch, right?


Mum and One Show presenter Alex Jones recently opened up to You Magazine about the challenges she faced while breastfeeding.


She found the 1st 6 weeks tough – admitting she found the initial pain “excruiating”. (We certainly have to feel for her there ???)

Even more challenging, however, was trying not to resent her husband, Charlie Thomson, for sleeping soundly while she was up all night doing the feed!

“Once I sat for about 4 hours trying to feed Ted, feeling so upset and isolated,” she confessed to the mag.

“There would be nights when I was waking to feed every 2 hours. Charlie would be snoring beside me while I felt murderous.”

Oooh, this sounds a tad familiar, doesn’t it?

If you’re bottle-feeding, it’s much easier to take turns – but when the late-night feeding duty naturally falls to you, it’s SO hard to be super chill and not at all envious of the sleep your partner’s getting.

(To avoid feeling resentful, one MFM mum we know purposefully woke her husband up every time she got up to breastfeed in the night ?)

Alex also opened up about how her relationship with Charlie had changed following the tough early weeks and months of new parenthood.

“I’d thought we won’t change as a couple but you can’t help it. There are a lot of pressures,” she mused.

“Charlie is a fantastic support and now I think our relationship is a lot stronger because of Ted, but we struggled to find a way to even like each other sometimes in those early days.”

Now that their son Teddy has had his 1st birthday, we sure hope Alex and Charlie are on the right path… and that Alex gets at least the occasional lie-in ??

Images: Instagram/Alex Jones

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