Alex Reid reveals he promised Chantelle Houghton he’d give her a baby

Move over James Bond, Alex boasts he chatted up Chantelle by telling her he’d get her pregnant


Alex Reid, 36, clearly decided to throw the dating rule book (and any notion of normal social and personal boundaries) out of the window the night he met Chantelle Houghton, 28, revealing he won her over by promising he would give her a baby.


Alex didn’t lie, they’re now engaged and expecting their first child, but what happened to the days of wining and dining a woman or buying a couple of bunches of roses before discussing marriage and babies? But, scoff we may, it clearly worked for Chantelle and the mum-to-be was quick to show off her growing bump for the cameras.

Chantelle’s previously spoken about her troubles with conceiving and how she’d set her sights on trying IVF treatment. Alex and Chantelle revealed they had the injections in the fridge, all primed and ready to go, before Chantelle fell pregnant naturally. Critics have hit back at the reality star, claiming she wasn’t telling the truth about her problems. We’re more interested in what Alex actually said to her that first night they met after they giggled and claimed it was too rude to be said on TV, tut tut!


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