Aliens should watch Dr Who at Christmas, advise children

Survey asks kids to predict how aliens would most enjoy the festive season


They may hail from strange planets and have their own quirky customs but, according to British children, aliens would be happiest spending Christmas doing as young earthlings do by watching Dr Who and listening to boy bands.


A new survey by MGA Entertainment, to mark the launch of Novi Stars dolls, polled 516 children and questioned them on a number of extra-terrestrial topics 

Almost a quarter of children admitted they already thought aliens had visited our planet, they were then asked how they reckoned a spaceman would like to spend his first Noël.

35% of children wisely predicted that aliens would enjoy our customary festive gift giving, while 21% thought that a turkey dinner would go down well with out-of-this-world visitors, too.

As for entertainment, half the children questioned claimed aliens should definitely watch Dr Who on the big day, while 30% opted for an educational screening of a film showing typical earth families.

The children also strongly believed aliens shouldn’t be deprived of the sweet sound of earth’s most brilliant bouffant-barneted boy band, with 10% of children saying the perfect present would be a One Direction CD.

Other gift ideas included a guide book to earth and the must-have earthling driving accessory – furry dice – for the outer-space visitors to show off to their martian mates back home in the motherland.


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