All the things from social media that REALLY made us laugh this week

These kids really made us chuckle...


Now, we’re sure the above note doesn’t mean that the results of the circled ‘bowel movement’ are in the backpack.


But the rather ominous “check backpack” note made this mum wonder for a second.

“Picked up my toddler from school and was handed this note. I’m scared to look,” she wrote, sharing the note on Imgur.


We’ve always wanted our very own home cinema – but this boy made his dream a reality by building his own.

Using just a cardboard box and mobile phone, he’s created that cinematic experience in the comfort of his own bed. Genius.

“My son tells me he made a home theatre…,” the parent wrote, sharing this picture on Imgur.


Now, we’ve all struggled to get back into our routines this week. But for this little girl, the struggle is very REAL.

“Our daughter is NOT OK with going back to school….,” the girl’s parent wrote, sharing the picture to Imgur.

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