Amanda Holden’s unborn baby already a Michael Buble fan

Amanda Holden reveals her unborn baby is already getting into music


Mum-of-one Amanda Holden has revealed that her unborn baby gets all excited when she hears Michael Buble’s music. Amanda tweeted that she’s been playing Michael’s music through headphones onto her bump and she seems to approve.


“Playing a bit of Buble thru headphones on my bump! She appears to be a fan! Kicking like mad! (Or it might be the choccie I just ate!),” she said on Twitter.

Babies are known to start responding to sound from about 20 weeks and it looks like Amanda’s baby girl has developed a taste for the Canadian crooner.

Or did Amanda get the wrong end of the stick and actually, it’s that chocolate that her baby’s more excited about! Though, perhaps she’s pleased to have a break from all the Shrek: The Musical music – even if her mum did win an award!


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