Amazing footage – baby girl cheats death on busy road

Night-time bus driver just brakes in time after spotting baby Destiny sitting in the road


Shocked bus driver Mike Hubbard has recalled the moment he discovered that a mysterious moving object crawling across a busy junction in San Antonio wasn’t a dog or fox, but a baby!


Spotted just after midnight, the lonesome baby was seen just in time sitting in the middle of the road wearing a nappy. Slamming on the brakes, Mike couldn’t believe that what he thought was a stray dog, was in fact one-year-old baby girl named Destiny who had ‘escaped’ from her house without her parents noticing.

“I was definitely in shock. Her eyes got real big when she saw the big old bus in front of her,” bus driver Mike told WOAI-TV. The startling footage was captured on a camera on the bus dashboard.

Destiny’s parents have spoken out about how shocked they were when they realised that their little girl had crawled out of the house unnoticed. “We had the door open, but there’s a screen door. I had the lock on it but she snuck out. It was just the biggest accident,” the baby’s mum Catherine Gonzalez, 25, said.


The baby, who is now 2, escaped without any injuries thanks to the eagle eyed bus driver.

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