We love nothing more than a story that makes you go "Awwwww".


And this is SO one of those.

Hollie Mallet, from Louisiana, USA, posted a video on her Facebook page which showed a little boy running into her garage, hugging her Black Labrador Duchess, and then running away again.

The mystery cuddler had done it a number of times, so Hollie was keen to try and find out who he was.

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Hollie accompanied the video with the following:

"Attn Neighbors! Anyone know who this sweet little boy is? Every now and then when he rides his bike he will quickly come and love on my dog or play fetch real quick, but always leaves quick like he doesn't know if he should be here!

"I'd like to tell him he's welcome to stay and play, she loves the attention!"

It wasn't long before word spread, and a few people recognised the boy in the video as 'Josh'. Josh's mum Ginger soon found out what he had been doing and wrote this on Hollie's Facebook page:

"Thanks for the add, Hollie! Josh talks about your dog all the time! Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn't know he was doing things like this. ?

"Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn't be on someone's property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much."

Ginger went on to explain that they had a dog since Josh was 2, but she passed away last year.

"Things have been busy and Josh is active with after school activities so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility of starting all over again with a new pup quite yet. It will happen though!"

Josh even sent his mum a few selfies with Duchess, which she she shared on Facebook:


But far from being annoyed at the fact little Josh was on her property, Hollie was instead delighted to have found out who exactly had been giving Duchess her extra cuddles.

"So mystery solved guys, hope this sweet little boy Josh continues to come play and love up on Duchess!" she posted.

"A dog is a friend for life! I agree Tracy - so glad to see that innocence and love was caught on camera instead of what they are normally used for.

"Can't believe all the views this post has received, so glad to have captured this sweetness!"

We're so glad you captured it too, Hollie! It's smiles all round with this story ???

Photos: Hollie Breaux Mallett on Facebook

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