Amazing MRI clip of woman giving birth

First-time footage shows what happens during labour


Doctors have released an MRI video showing a baby being born from the inside.


The 30-second, real-time clip shows the baby moving down the birth canal and being born.

The video was captured in November 2010, by a team lead by Dr Christian Bamberg, but only the still images were published. 

The 24-year-old who volunteered for the project spent 45 minutes inside the specially designed ‘open’ MRI machine during the second stage of labour.

The video shows the uterus contracting and pushing the baby down the birth canal.

The recording was stopped before the baby emerged to ensure the newborn wasn’t exposed to MRI noise.

The footage could provide an insight into understanding the birthing process as it has enabled scientists to see details previously only investigated with probes.

Fascinating stuff! Are you amazed by the video?


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