Here at MFM HQ, we've seen more than our fair share of birth pictures but we were totally and utterly blown away by these wonderful images of a twin water birth.


We know that not every woman who's pregnant with twins gets the chance to have a natural birth, let alone a water birth (if one twin is thought to be in the breech position, you're usually advised to have a Caesarean). But it's lovely to look at these pics of one baby boy being born after the other – and to see the second twin being born still in his 'waters' (amniotic sac).


The picture above was voted Image of the Year by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and, boy, we can totally see why.

Robin Baker, the US photographer who took it, is based in California. She has attended around 70 births in her professional capacity as both photographer and doula, taking incredible images that recored those precious first moments for ever.


Speaking about her latest assignment to Cosmopolitan, she said: "The parents were calm and peaceful and brought their babies into the world effortlessly."

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The couple had had a home birth 2 years ago, and, according to Robin, this time round, everything went so quickly, there was barely time to get the birth team in place.


"They had 30 minutes of bonding time with Baby A before Baby B made his way into his fathers hands still en-caul [covered in the amniotic sac]."

The atmosphere as "peaceful and joyous," says Robin. "It was truly one of the most incredible moments of my career."

Just stunning.

Photos: Robin Baker, Birth Blessings photography

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