Amazing video showing the actual moment babies fall asleep

Mums show exactly how their top baby sleep tips work and capture it all on film



Have you tried 101 things to get your baby to fall asleep? You’re not the only one seeking a magic sleep-time trick…

Philips AVENT not only asked British mums to share their top tips for getting their grumpy baby off to sleep, but set about filming the exact moments, which you can see in this adorable video clip. From staring contests to microwave pings and hairdryers, actually seeing each mum’s sleep tip work is amazing. And given the hundreds of hours of filming it required to get this short clip, we take our hats off to the film crew!

“We filmed real mums in real situations sharing real solutions. It’s wonderful to see the lovely little tricks that mums develop to overcome a problem,” said director Wander Bruijel, from AVENT’s global PR team.

The babies were matched to the cameramen they most bonded with. The cameramen then spent weeks filming each baby’s different sleep patterns, after first allowing the babies to get used to their sounds and smells. Sometimes if the cameraman turned up and the baby was already asleep, they’d have to go and come back again. What’s that old saying about never working with animals or children?!

“With this film we’re not saying that these tricks will work for everyone, but mums are the expert at being mums. And if we can help them share their knowledge with one another, then we are doing our bit to help mums give their little ones the best start in life,” added Wander.

Have you tried any of these top tips?

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