American octuplets to star in TV show

Deal signed for all 14 of children to be part of reality TV series.


Nadya Suleman, who gave birth to octuplets in January, has signed a £152,000 reality TV show deal with European TV company Eyeworks.


Contracts filed with a Los Angeles court say her children – of which there are 14 under the age of 8 years – will earn the money over three years.

Filming for the reality TV show is timetabled to start on September 1. However, this is dependant on a judge approving the contracts.

Octo-mum Nadya and her children won’t be followed by film crews 24 hours a day. Milestones, like birthdays, will be documented, Nadya’s lawyer said.

The contract says that 15% of the income is to be placed in a trust fund that the children can only access once they’re 18. This is required by Californian law.

As for how the kids earn the cash, in the first year of production, for 36 days of shooting, they will get a collective sum of USD$125,000. In the second year of filming, for 21 days shooting, they will receive USD$75,000. And the third year, for 14 days of shooting, will see them get USD$50,000.


Nadya came under criticism when it was revealed that she had conceived her octuplets and her six other children through IVF.

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