American woman gives birth…but didn’t know she was pregnant

Shocked woman thought her weight gain was simply down to her new job at Dairy Queen


Morning sickness, backache and pregnancy cravings simply passed by Kim Nelson, who went into labour without knowing she was actually pregnant. The mum-of-two didn’t think she was able to conceive any more children after ongoing problems with ovarian cysts.
Surprised Kim, who gave birth to a healthy 7lb girl called Paige Lynn Dawn Anderson, had put her recent weight gain to her new job at Dairy Queen! Well, there are a lot of good treats to be eaten there.


After being admitted into hospital with a suspected ruptured appendix, Kim refused to believe nurses who told her she was actually in the throws of labour. Kim, who’s one of the millions of viewers of the TV show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant says she’ll have to “open [her] mouth and insert food” after previously mocking women for having no idea they were pregnant! 


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