And the best car journey game of all time is…

New survey reveals British families' favourite games to play on the road


If you’re planning to make the most of the bank holiday this weekend, chances are you will be embarking on a good old-fashioned family car journey.


Don’t even think about setting off until you have read the results of a new survey, which reveal the UK’s all-time favourite car games.

Traditional roadside eatery Little Chef asked more than 10,000 adults how they liked to pass the time while driving and the victor was… something beginning with E!

You’ve probably guessed it – car journey classic Eye-Spy was voted the number one family game, closely followed by guessing game 20 Questions.

Surprise entries were the Eddie Stobart game, where players must guess the name on the front of the haulage company’s trucks and the Are We There Yet? game based on the irritating travel catchphrase.

And so we present to you the full list of Britain’s favourite car journey pastimes – no games consoles required!

1.    Eye-Spy (Spotting game where the clue is the first letter of the word)

2.    20 Questions (guessing game where you can only answer yes or no)

3.    Pub Cricket (where runs are scored by the number of ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ in a pub name)

4.    My Mummy Went Shopping (repeating and adding to a shopping list until someone forgets)

5.    Eddie Stobart (shouting “Eddie Stobart” when spotted then guessing the name on the front)

6.    Backseat Bingo (use home made bingo sheets with pictures to spot along the way)

7.    Car snooker (players are timed to create ‘breaks’ by spotting car colours)

8.    The ‘Are We There Yet’ Game (first person to say it has to complete a forfeit at the next stop)


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