Angelina Jolie sparks child ear piercing debate

Brad Pitt's other half takes daughters Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5, to get their ears pierced - but what age is the right age for ear piercing?


Angelina Jolie has caused a stir amongst mums around the world after taking her two eldest daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, to get their ears pierced at a London salon. 


It’s been said that Zahara, 6, went first, and screamed with pain, causing Shiloh, 5, to opt out at the last minute after hearing her sister cry.

Mums on social networking sites have said that Ange, 36, should have waited until the girls were at least 10 years old. While the age debate is one thing, there’s also the issue of whether parents should pierce their children’s ears or whether it should be a choice made by the child themselves.

“I had my daughter’s pierced at a month old, and she didn’t even wake up when they did it, she slept through it. The older they get, the longer they linger on the pain issue and draw it out unnessarily,” said one mum, from Oklahoma.

Other mums had much stronger opinions on the matter…

“Anyone who pierces an infant’s ears should be put in jail for abuse. I think people who do the piercings should refuse. No baby should have pierced ears – it’s not cute, it’s horrifying,” said another mum.

We’d like to know your opinion – are you for or against piercing your child’s ears? At what age is it OK?

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