Angelina Jolie’s spat with Brad’s mum

Angelina ‘furious’ at strong-willed Grandma


According to the Daily Mail, Angelina Jolie has been left furious with partner Brad Pitt’s mother’s determination to buy her granddaughter Shiloh girly clothes.


Six-year-old Shiloh is a notorious tomboy when it comes to choosing clothes, opting to dress more like her brothers than as a girly girl.

Apparently Grandma Pitt has other ideas, however, and insists on buying her granddaughter fairy and princess costumes, which Angelina finds disrespectful.

Angelina and Brad’s mum Jane haven’t seen eye to eye since Mrs Pitt wrote an open letter to a local newspaper in Missouri, US coming out against President Obama’s support for gay marriage.

Angelina and Brad, who are prominent supporters of gay marriage and President Obama, were said to be appalled by the letter.

The couple once said they would not marry until same-sex marriage was legalised in the US.

The trials of getting on with the mother-in-law, eh, Angelina!

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