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Anna Faris’ hubby Chris Pratt loves her post-baby body

Actress chats about post pregnancy and celebrating baby Jack’s first Christmas

Actress Anna Faris revealed her post-baby body on the red carpet last night – just three months after giving birth to son Jack.


Speaking to E!, Anna shared how she shed her pregnancy pounds: "I think it's from hauling around the little guy."

The new mum revealed she wants to "cherish" her time with her newborn saying: "I'm trying to do it without help. So it's been a lot of lifting."

But it seems her husband, actor Chris Pratt, doesn't want his wife to lose too much.

"I have the sweetest husband," Anna said. "He makes me feel good at any weight. In fact, I kinda think that he likes it when my butt is a little bit bigger."

Chris added: "I like it. Don't work too hard."

The happy couple also shared the details on baby Jack’s first Christmas. First-time mum Anna is looking forward to celebrating the occasion: "My family is coming down and we're going to be low-key."

"We're basically going to try to get some sleep," Pratt added.

Anna joked, "We can toss the baby off to my parents."

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