Annabel Karmel’s feeding app is now hands-free

Annabel Karmel's Essential Guide to Feeding your Baby and Toddler app has been updated to provide busy parents with even more help in the kitchen


Shopping, cooking and feeding our babies and children take up a considerable amount of any mum’s time, so anything that speeds up that process has got to be good news. Many of us know that desperate feeling looking for inspiration when staring at the supermarket shelves.


Already a go-to app for many mums, Annabel Karmel has updated her app, Essential Guide to Feeding your Baby and Toddler, offering new interactive services and updated facilities.

The app features 200 recipes that can be accessed on your iPad as well as your iPhone. You can also use it to update your shopping list or to plan your weekly meals.

Many new features have been added and others extended.

An exciting new addition is the new and handy ‘interactive speaker’. This allows the cook or chef(!) to follow a recipe step-by-step by just saying ‘next’ – which means you won’t end up covering your phone in ingredients.

There are Recipe Notes, allowing you to personalise the recipes to suit your baby or child. A Kitchen Timer device will tell you when each step of a recipe is completed, plus there’s an interactive conversion calculator to turn your ounces into grams and fluid ounces into ml.  

Annabel has also added video contributions from leading baby experts on topics such as teething or reflux – other areas of parenthood we can often feel clueless about! Annabel says, “At the swipe of a screen, my guide contains more tips, baby care advice and recipe inspiration than ever before – it’s the ultimate pocket nanny”.

What’s more, if you already have the previous version of the app, updating the latest version will not cost you a penny.

Download the new version of Annabel’s Essential Guide to Feeding your Baby and Toddler on iTunes for £3.99. 

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