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Anne Robinson’s daughter kept pregnancy a secret

For six months, Emma Wilson decided to keep her baby news quiet

When your mum is Anne Robinson, the stern and rather intimidating The Weakest Link presenter, it’d be understandable that you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of her, but why would her own daughter hide her pregnancy from her?


Anne’s daughter Emma Wilson is happily married and in her 30s. She explained to the Daily Mail what prompted her to keep her unborn baby a secret.

“I vowed to have a Stealth Pregnancy. We decided not to mention ‘it’ at first. See if ‘it’ sticks. Carry on with business as usual,” explained Emma.

Clever concealment of her bump meant Emma went on as usual, ate healthily and wore black suede thigh boots to hide water retention!

This doesn’t mean that Emma didn’t enjoy her pregnancy or that she wasn’t happy about having a baby. “I loved my bump – we did this together. I relished our concealed seclusion. It took co-dependency to a whole new level.”

So, how did Anne Robinson react when she finally found out about her daughter’s pregnancy, 22 weeks down the line?

“To say she was pleased would be an understatement. The next day the phone started with: ‘You don’t mind if I tell Pam?’”


Did you have a Stealth Pregnancy? Or did you happily tell the world when you were expecting? Let us know below…


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