Anti-ageing chocolate… Yes, you read right!

Kiehl's have teamed up with posh chocolatier to create yummy chocolates that keep the wrinkles at bay - hoorah!


Imagine if your favourite chocolate could magically double up as an age-defying, wrinkle busting cream? Well, the dream might just well be over.


Beauty alchemist, Kiehl’s, have announced that they’ve teamed up with artisan chocolatier Paul. A. Young to create delish chcoclates that not only satisfy your chocolate cravings, but help keep the dreaded crows feet at bay, too.

No, you’re not still dreaming…

The anti-ageing Kiehl’s Acai Chocolate contains skin sagging preventatives like acai berries, lavender and orange, which are moulded into a tasty red and real milk chocolate. The Acai is a ‘super berry’ which contains loads of anti-oxidants that fight against ageing. The lavender is soothing, while the orange water flower helps calm the skin, creating a more youthful appearance.

These too-good-to-be-true chocolates are available at the Kiehl’s store at their store at The Royal Exchange, London. Get in there quick, as they are on sale exclusively throughout May only.

Get scoffing!


Now, if only they’d invent a choclate bar that makes us thinner…


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