Are hospital staff ‘kind’ enough after birth?

Survey shows many Scottish new mums aren’t always ‘treated with kindness’ post-birth


While most pregnant women rate antenatal care and their treatment during labour as positive, a new Scottish survey shows that post-birth care is still not as good as it could or should be.


A survey for Scotland’s Maternity Care found that 5% of women who gave birth last year said they weren’t treated with kindness or understanding while in hospital after giving birth. Nearly 30% more said this had happened sometimes.

However the good news is that 90% of the 2,300 Scottish women surveyed said their general antenatal care and care during labour and birth was positive.

As well as feeling the after-birth care wasn’t always very ‘kind’, the survey found that:

  • many mums felt they didn’t get as much information and explanation as they wanted
  • 20% felt they were worried when they were left alone during labour
  • 91% were positive about the support they received when they went home after giving birth

The Scottish government has said it has already started responding to the findings and making improvements.

Read the full report – Have a baby in Scotland 2013

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