Are male genetics to blame for missing special dates?

New research claims dads are more forgetful with significant dates such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries


Whether it’s baby’s birthday or remembering your little one’s milestones, why is it that dads seem to be more forgetful? 


New research claims dads brains are “wired differently” making them forget significant dates such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays due to the way that they store memories. 

The research suggests men use different genes to women when they make connections needed to store long-term memories.

Men are better at what they term “tactical” memories such as travel directions; while women tend to have “emotional” memories, such as special dates and anniversaries.

A recent survey carried out by, revealed the top 10 things men forget in relationships:

1. Birthdays

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Anniversaries

4. “What did I just say?”

5. Where they left the car keys

6. Partner’s dress size

7. Simple instructions on not burning the dinner

8. Paying bills on time

9. Partner’s choice of wedding song

10. Remembering to come home from work without distractions

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