Are Santa’s grottos getting grotty?

Santa beware! Survey reveals quality of festive grottos is in decline


Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year, which should be topped off for lots of children by a visit to the most magical of places – Santa’s grotto.


However, a survey carried out by has discovered that many a parent has been disgruntled by the quality of their Santa’s grotto experience. 

In a series of unfortunate grotty grotto misadventures, there is cause for concern amongst parents that these rogue men in red are ruining the real Santa’s good name. 

Cheap, tacky and inappropriate presents (see the spatula story below), expensive entry fees and not enough ‘Santa-ness’ topped the list of complaints. 

One concerned mother commented, “We queued for 20 minutes and paid £5, now my child, who has been looking forward to Christmas since July, thinks that Santa doesn’t like him. What is a 5-year-old going to do with a spatula?”

Other parents complained about poor beard hygiene, badly dressed Elf helpers and a distinct lack of ‘Ho-ho-ho’

An official North Pole spokesperson commented, “I can assure you the real Santa is a gentleman and we are aiming for another record breaking year in present delivery and efficiency. Santa’s outfit is in pristine condition as is his beard and he is currently carefully reading the ‘Who is Naughty and Who is Nice Book 2012”

So, to all those grotty grottos out there, pull up those Santa socks and get in the festive spirit! 

Have you experienced a disappointing grotto, poor Santa hygiene or expensive ticket prices? Share your Santa story below…

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