Lots of parents want to pick an unusual, memorable name for our child: we saw that only last week when Katie Price fended off criticism for choosing the name Bunny for her new baby daughter. But now, it seems, some of us are going to extreme lengths to invent a name so outrageously individual, their child will never come across someone else who's called the same.


The extent of some parents’ creativity really came to light when Reddit user thebdizzle recently started a thread asking: "What are people naming their children that they really shouldn't be?"

thebdizzle was inspired to start the thread after a Facebook friend announced they'd had named their child 'Dude Lorenzo' after Jeff Bridge’s character in The Big Lebowski.

Fellow Reddit users quickly posted so many of the outlandish baby names they’d ever heard that the thread went viral.

Here are 15 of our favourites from the many that were suggested…

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  1. Iysabeyl
  2. Kerystei
  3. Maween
  4. Lovely Jane
  5. YrHyness
  6. iMajesty
  7. Neveah Tnes Legna
  8. Starblanket
  9. Cevyn
  10. Awbree
  11. Jew'lrii
  12. Sharkeisha
  13. Yoonik
  14. Styvy
  15. Whysper

Wow! What do you think of these names? Have you heard others just as unusual? Do please let us know in the comments below!

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