It’s official… Oliver and Amelia are the most popular names for babies born in England and Wales in 2013.


Amelia has been in the top spot since 2011, while Oliver has replaced Harry as the most popular boys name.

In the boys’ list, Oscar and George replace Alfie and Riley in the top 10. While in the girls’ list, Poppy replaces Lily in the top 10 most popular names.

Here are the full lists:


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Jacob
5. Charlie
6. Thomas
7. Oscar
8. William
9. James
10. George

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1. Amelia
2. Olivia
3. Emily
4. Ava
5. Isla
6. Jessica
7. Poppy
8. Isabella
9. Sophie
10. Mia


TV and film

Although they don’t appear in the top 10, TV and film character names have been influencing parents’ naming choices.

Since 2010, 3 baby boys have been named Draco, 7 named Sirius and 10 baby girls have been Bellatrix after characters in the Harry Potter books and films.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones has also had an effect, with 11 baby boys named Theon and 6 named Tyrion after characters from house Greyjoy and Lannister respectively.

But it’s cult TV hit Breaking Bad that seems to have had the biggest impact on baby names. A whopping 72 girls have been named Skyler and 58 boys named Walter.

Marvel comic heroes have also been used as name inspiration. There were 37 baby boys named after Loki and 13 given the mighty moniker Thor.

Vampire trilogy Twilight was also used as inspiration with 18 baby girls named Renesmee – author Stephanie Meyers created the name as a mash of Bella’s mother’s name Renee and Edward’s adoptive mother’s name Esme.

So what do you think? Did your baby’s name make the list?

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