Are you an April Fool? Check out our round-up of the funniest family spoofs

From children's space rockets to Kate Middleton shopping for baby clothes, take a look at our pick of the best April Fool stories today

The ‘Spannerhead’ shark

The HUNDSTOL highchair from IKEA

Woolworths nearly had us fooled when we set eyes on the first ever ‘Kidijet’ which for £4.99, rockets your child into space. The Jetpack, controlled by a simple start/stop switch, plus a forward accelerator and break, can hover and fly forwards, moving left or right. Well, apparently anyway…


We were also dubious when Chessington World of Adventures claimed they’d ‘created’ a new shark species. The fake ultrasound picture showed an unborn baby shark, which was a mix between a Hammerhead and Spinner shark and is called (you guessed it) a ‘Spannerhead’ shark with a head like a spanner!

Playmobil had a laugh by ‘revealing’ its new playset featuring the characters queueing up for the iPad 2. French Connection made us giggle with its fake advertising campaign ‘I Am Le Chat’ unveiling its new ‘Kitten Couture’ range, featuring a model surrounded by cute cats. Grazia magazine got in on the April Fool action by talking about the ‘new’ Marmite flavoured Vaseline!

Meanwhile Indesit tried to convince us that it was releasing a new washing machine that washed your clothes with you still in it. Called The Sit, it asks the question, Who has time to undress?

Our favourite prank however, was by IKEA, which released its ‘hottest new product’ – a HUNDSTOL (a high chair for dogs!) This hilarious spoof even had a video made to try and convince people it was real. Then the Daily Mail showed Princess-in-waiting Kate Middleton ‘shopping’ for baby clothes… The look-a-like nearly had us fooled! See more images below…


Did you spot any other April Fool stories today?

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