Are you Mr and Mrs Average?

The Office of National Statistics has drawn up a picture of the average couple – from what they buy on their weekly food shop to what age they have children


If you pick up two pints of semi-skimmed milk and a chocolate treat for the other half during your supermarket shop, chances are you’re Mrs Average! The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that the average woman in the UK is a 40-year-old working mum with 1.96 children and is 5ft 3in tall – ring a bell?


In between buying a box of cereal, packets of sliced ham and bacon on her trolley dash, Mrs Average also has her first baby aged 29 and five months. She also spends 26 minutes per day reading and 2 hours 25 minutes watching TV.

Mr Average on the other hand, is slightly younger at 38, tipping the scales at 13st and tallies up 5ft 9in in height.

Interestingly, the typical British couple aren’t in a rush to get married. The average age for a man to get wed is just before his 31st birthday and for the average woman, she waits until two months before she turns 29 to say “I do”.


So, are you Mrs Average? We’d love to know…


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