Are you part of the baby time-lapse trend?

Trend gathers pace as baby time-lapse videos are used to capture pregnancies and children’s development


Hot trend alert! Bump and baby time-lapse videos seem to be an increasingly popular way of recording our child’s development – or belly expansion!


A number of parents are choosing to share videos that document their pregnancies and their little ones’ growth on YouTube.

One baby time-lapse video, which has been viewed around 7 million times, shows a girl growing from birth to 10 years in one minute and 25 seconds, reports The BBC.

A pregnant woman and her partner also applied the time-lapse video idea to documenting her pregnancy. The video shows the whole nine months in just 90 seconds of video.

In another amazing YouTube clip, mum-to-be Genevieve Damascus goes from blue line to baby in just two minutes.

We’d love to know if you’re involved in this trend? And, if you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you might want to get the camera ready!


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