ASDA recalls Eco Nappies

ASDA recalls nappies after a customer complained fibres from the product were choking hazards.


ASDA has issued a product recall of its Eco Nappies as a precautionary measure following a customer complaint.


Karen Hamshaw-Hart, from Hull, reported to ASDA that her 9-month-old daughter Freya had been able to pull fibres from the Eco Nappy and put them in her mouth. Karen added Freya’s “mouth was full of stringy bits of fluff and her hands and feet were covered in fluff as well”  and that she was thankful she was watching Freya at the time, reports the BBC.

ASDA has advised its customers to stop using all sizes of this product immediately and return them to the supermarket for a full refund.

An ASDA spokesman has said nappies from other ranges in the store were not affected.

The product safety director, Dawn Welham, stated there had only been one complaint about the Eco Nappies in the last two years but, “When it comes to baby products, we don’t take chances.”


Customers can contact ASDA Customer Relations on 0500 100 055 or head to the ASDA website to see the product recall details.

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