Astronaut becomes dad in space

US astronaut hears news of the birth of his baby while orbiting Earth


NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik woke up aboard the space shuttle Atlantis yesterday to the news that his wife had given birth to a daughter back on Earth.


As his wife, Rebecca, gave birth to baby Abigail in the early hours of Sunday morning, Randy was sleeping 220 miles above the planet on the International Space Station.

The crew were woken by Mission Control playing the song Butterfly Kisses into the shuttle, which was Rebecca’s clue to her husband that their baby had arrived. Among the lyrics is the line, “There’s two things I know for sure/She was sent here from heaven and she’s daddy’s little girl.”

Before being put through to the hospital to speak to his wife, Randy thanked NASA for breaking the news saying, “Thanks for recognising the significant accomplishments on Earth.”


The couple, who had previously been told they couldn’t have children, also have an adopted three-year-old son from the Ukraine.

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