Australian woman delivers own baby

A groundbreaking new technique allowed Kiriana Ruffin, from Perth, Australia, to assist doctors in delivering her own baby.


The first-time mum had planned a natural home birth, but when her 20 week scan revealed she had placenta previa, putting her at serious risk of hemorrhaging during childbirth, she researched the procedure, which has only been performed once before.


During a caesarean section, and after her obstetrician had freed the child’s head and shoulders, Mrs Ruffin lifted her baby out of her womb herself.

Unlike a normal caesarean, which is carried out behind a screen meaning the mother might not see her child for several minutes after birth, the 33 year old was sterilised from neck to knees so she could make immediate skin contact with her son.


Two more women are expected to undergo the procedure at King Edward Memorial Hospital in the next month.

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