Babies know right from wrong early on

One for you, two for me… babies are aware when they are being treated unfairly, even at 15 months!


Babies as young as 15-months-old have shown signs they understand unfairness – particularly when it comes to toys and food – a new study in America has revealed.


Led by associate professor of psychology, Dr Jessica Sommerville, the University of Washington’s new study shows noticeable altruism amongst young babies. By measuring the amount of time a baby watched how food was being shared out, scientists calculated that babies were increasingly aware when one person got more than another – and they weren’t happy about it!

Babies who were surprised by how milk and crackers were being dished out were seen to be more attentive and actually appeared to expect food to be handed out equally. The study also showed that those babies noticeably aware of different snack portions were also more likely to share their toys.

Jessica claims that by monitoring how one person treats another, babies learn to distinguish equal from unequal distribution very early on.

Have you noticed this with your little ones? We’d love to hear your stories…

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