Babies mean less sleep for mums – but not for dads

At least according to a new study. But does this ring true in your house?


Got a new baby? Feeling refreshed?


Thought not ? 

Yep, one thing’s for sure – when you become a mum (and for a few years down the line), those zzzzzzzs become oh-so precious and elusive.

And now a new study from the US has found that while, yes, mums definitely feel (and most certainly are) sleep deprived, purely because of the kids – for men, becoming a parent has no affect on their sleep at all.

The study was carried out by Georgia Southern University and was put together using phone interviews from almost 6000 people, who were asked how long they slept each night and how many days they’d felt tired in the last month.

Among almost 3000 women under 45 interviewed, the only factor found to affect sleep for them was having kids: and for each child they had the odds of getting insufficient sleep rose by 50%.

48% of women with kids said they were getting at least 7 hours’ shut-eye a night, compared with 62% of women without kids. Men, on the other hand, generally seemed to be getting a full 8 hours – and there was no link for them between sleep and being a dad.

Now – we have to say this study was conducted with self-reporting, so it relies on people telling the researchers on how much sleep they think they’re getting.

So there is a chance that some of the dads asked just didn’t want to admit they’re knackered or perhaps just assume they’re getting about the right amount.

But here at MFM HQ what we read here certainly rings true for an extent – some of us have said that we were usually the one up with the baby in the night, and doing the early mornings – while our partners took, let’s just say, that little bit longer to wake up from the land of nod ???

What do you think?

How’s the sleep ratio in your house?

Do you feel like you’re always the one who’s losing out on kip, or is it your partner? Are you both pretty zonked at an even rate? 

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