Baby biscuits withdrawn over fat content

Concerns raised over fat in baby foods


A baby food manufacturer has been forced to take one of its biscuit ranges off the shelves after it was found to contain trans-fats.


Cow and Gate have confirmed they will discontinue their Baby Balance Bear biscuits in June because they did not refer to the fat content in their labeling.

Research by the Children’s Food Campaign (CFC) also discovered that some baby foods contain more saturated fat and sugar than chocolate biscuits and cheeseburgers.

Heinz Toddler’s Own Mini Cheese Biscuits contained 7.3g of saturated fat per 100g, higher than the 6.7g in a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese.

Describing the findings as “staggering”, Christine Haigh, joint co-ordinator of the CFC said: “Many foods marketed for babies and young children are often advertised as ‘healthy’.

“In reality, in terms of sugar and saturated fat content, some are worse than junk food.”

She added: “In particular, failing correctly to label products that contain dangerous trans fats is outrageous.”


The CFC, which investigated 107 baby products, also found high levels of sugar in Farley’s Rusks, made by Heinz.

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