Baby born 2,000 feet in the air

Newborn and mum rewarded with free flights for life as a result!


27-weeks pregnant Liew Siaw Hsia experienced a trip of a lifetime when she unexpectedly went into labour 2,000 ft in the air. The 31-year-old was abard an AirAsia flight in Kuching in Malaysia. When she realized her baby was coming, luckily when the call went out asking ‘is there a doctor onboard?’ there was!


Liew’s baby boy was born prematurely but safely with the help of the doctor and AirAsia flight assistants.

The plane was quickly re-routed towards the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur where mum and newborn were taken to the Putrajaya hospital.


Airline staff were so thrilled with its very first airborne birth, it has rewarded Liew Siaw Hsia and her baby boy with free flights for life on AirAsia. “Delivering a baby at 2,000 feet is indeed a very rare experience, and certainly Liew will cherish the moment forever,” AirAsia’s director Moses Devanayagam said.


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