Baby Born Surprise: what’s inside the brand new unwrapping doll?

We've just spotted Baby Born Surprise, a new collectible doll that comes with 10 treats to reveal


Baby Born, makers of the hugely popular Baby Annabell doll, have brought out a new doll collectible – and we like it a lot!


Each of the 12 20cm dolls you can collect, for £11.99 each, comes with 1 of 12 newborn swaddles in a fun design (check out the ice cream and the mermaid ones in our pic) and 10 surprises to unwrap.

What’s extra nice is that, when unwrap the swaddle, you reveal your child your doll’s month of birth. The baby bottle inside the swaddle will reveal whether your doll is a boy or a girl. Then, using the activity sheet in the pack, checking out your baby’s hair and picking your favourite number, you can discover your doll’s birthday, star sign – and even the first letter of its name (it’s up to you to take it from there and choose your doll’s full name).

But what really made us smile was that you can discover your doll’s eye colour by wiping its eyes with water. And if you use the baby bottle to feed it some water, you can check out its colour-changing nappy to find out what your doll’s favourite food is!

Where can I get  Baby Born Surprise and how much do they cost?

Stock sold out within days of the little dolls going on shelves at a lot of Smyths toy stores but you can get them online for £11.99 each at Smyths, M&Co, and Amazon.


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