10 of the best ride-on toys for toddlers

Which sit-on and push-along cars, trikes, animals and fantasy carriages do boys and girls rate most fun? We got some toddler testers to tell us...

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Toddlers love sit-on toys that allow them to scoot around more or less under their own steam. And ride-ons now come in so many shapes and sizes that your child can hit the open road (well, the garden path) in anything from a classic car or bus to a snazzy trike – or even a ride-on bumblebee.


A good buy will have push-along or pull-along options, too, for when those little legs get tired.

Here are the best ride-on toys, as rated and tested by toddlers…

1. Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Push Along Scooter, £119.95 – best for longevity

Age: 1-5 years
Awards: MadeforMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Ride-on Toy – Gold

What it is: This 3-in-1 scooter (91cm x 23cm x 58cm) can be used all the way from age 1 up to school age. It has a removable parent-steering handle and a removable seat, so toddlers can sit on it and be pushed along. When your child is ready to scoot, the seat can be removed and the handle-bar raised. It is really lightweight, too, meaning it’s really easy to ride and steer.

Why we love it: Adaptable and sturdy, we love how long-lasting it is – you’ll get a lot of play for your money.

“The utter joy on my son’s face when he saw it and rode it for the first time was amazing! I’d recommend this to anyone I know,” says Samantha, MFM tester and mum to 18-month-old Ethan.

Even though it’s one of the most expensive toys on the list, it truly can be used from the toddler years until the school years.

Available from: John Lewis, Mini Micro and JoJo Maman Bebe

2. Scuttlebug, £19.99 – best for first wheels

Age: 1 to 3

What it is: A foot-to-floor ride-on with 3 wheels and front-wheel steering that makes for an easy, safe and stable ride. The bright and funky design coupled with front-wheel steering for easy manoeuvrability makes this a great set of first wheels for any toddler. Comes in Pink Butterfly, Red Ladybird or Yellow Bumblebee.

Why we love it: The bright and funky design and front-wheel steering make this a great set of first wheels for any toddler. And we really like how you can fold this trike right down flat – great for taking on holiday or to Grandma’s house.

Georgina, MFM tester and mum to Maximus, age 2, says, “A really great toy. Maximum loves it as he can ride it around the house or the garden and, as it is so easy to fold away, we can take it out with us, too. It’s a massive hit!”

Kimetra, MFM tester and mum to Bob, age 2, says, “This is excellent value for money. Bob loves going on it, making car and train noises, and it allows him to move at the pace he wants. It even fits in the basket of my buggy!”

Available from: Argos and Smyths Toys

3. Zebra Balance Bike, £43.99 – best for young riders

Age: 1-2 years

Awards: MadeforMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Ride-on Toy – Silver

What it is: This toy (40cm x 22cm x 51cm) is designed to help babies and toddlers learn balance – its 3-wheel design is meant to encourage walking, improve coordination, balance and motor skills. It has anti-skid, safety wheels, and is super-lightweight.

Why we love it: This zippy little toy is perfect for the youngest children, but it won’t last much beyond toddlerhood. It isn’t meant to, though – and it does the job of being a toddler-ride-on really well.

Claire, MFM tester and mum to Casper, 14 months, says, “My little boy’s face lights up with this toy. He can sit on it by himself, steer and even go backwards. He uses it daily. Amazing to see a 14-month-old using a balance bike, I wouldn’t have thought to buy one, but it is now very much loved. Perfect for an active toddler, who is confident walking.”

Michelle, MFM tester and mum to Chloe, 18 months, says, “Since I assembled it, she hasn’t got off it. She cries when her big brother tries to use it!” Sounds like a thumbs-up to us!

Available from: Beehive Toys

4. Hubert Animal Ride-On, £94.95 – best for indoor play

Age: 12 months +

Awards: MadeforMums Toy Awards 2019 Best Ride-on Toy – Bronze

What it is: This wheeled ride-on toy, Hubert, is a Highland cow (measuring 60cm x 35cm x 55cm) with a leatherette seat, and wheels, so little ones can scoot around.

Why we love it: Though he’s pricey, he’s room decor and a place to sit, as well as a ride-on toy.

Sammy, MFM tester and mum to Taran, 15 months, says, “Hubert was an instant hit with our son, Taran. He loves Hubert’s soft shaggy fur and actually hugs and kisses him more than he rides him at this stage. He managed to learn his name after a couple of days and now calls out for ‘Ooobert’ in the morning. Taran enjoys being pushed around on Hubert, but is still not totally confident on it on his own. As a parent, I was really impressed by the quality of the toy and packaging, and how easy it was to put together (just screwing the legs on).”

Available from: Natural Baby Shower and A Little Bird Told Me

gobber evo

5. Globber Evo 5-in-1 Scooter, £89.99 – best for longevity

Age: 12 months+

What it is: A ride-on that converts, through 5 stages, to become a balance trike and then a scooter. Starts as a ride-on with parent handlebar and footrest, then the footrest comes off so your child can practise using their feet, then you can remove the parent handle to make the trike. The seat then comes off to make a scooter – with adjustable T-bar heights as your child grows. Comes with rear brake, locked or assisted steering, and flashing lights in the wheels. Comes in 5 colours.

Why we love it: This scooter is very cleverly designed (and should last your child till they’re 6) and it also looks great – and rides brilliantly – at each of its 5 stages. It’s super-easy to assemble and we really like the flashing lights in the wheels. It is similar to the Mini Micro, which is also on this list, but a bit cheaper.

Available from: Amazon

6. Little Tikes Magical Unicorn Carriage, £139.99 – best for role play

Age: 18 months +

What is it: A colourful 50cm x 114cm x 96cm unicorn carriage, with 4 wheels, a seat, reins at the front for pulling along, a removable floor for foot-to-floor power – and a horn that lights up and rotates! Needs 2 AA batteries.

Why we love it: We can see your little prince or princess getting hours of role-play fun out of this ride-on. Their carriage awaits!

Available from: Asda, Precious Little One and Little Tikes 

7. Kiddimoto Ride-On Bus, £59.99 – best for transport toy fans

Age: 12 months+

What it is: A big (39cm tall x 51cm long) wooden bus that works as both a ride-on and a push-along. Comes ready assembled and made from sustainable wood. Can be personalised with up to 15 letters.

Why we love it: It’s just stunning to look at and excellent quality, and our toddler testers loved the option of riding on top or pushing it by themselves. They can take their toys along for the journey too, as the back of the lower deck flips open for storage.

Available from: Kiddimoto and John Lewis

8. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Classic, £59.99 – best for fans of the classics

Age: 18 months+

What it is: An 85cm-tall red plastic car with a steering wheel, door that opens, removable floor to offer pushing or self-propelled modes, working horn, cup holders, storage area for toy passengers and front wheels that spin round 360°. Assembly required.

Why we love it: The Cozy Coupe’s been a bestseller for over 30 years and it still sets toddler hearts aflutter today. Fun, brilliantly manoeuvrable, and really robust (left outside, it’ll withstand a few British winters).

Christy, MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2, says: “My daughters – and their friends – loved this as babies and toddlers, and still play with it now aged 4 and 6!”

Available from: Little Tikes and Amazon

9. Wheelybug, from £54.95 – best for those who like wooden toys

Age: From walking

What it is: A padded wooden animal ride-on with multi-directional wheels, and leatherette wipe-clean cover. Available in 6 animal designs, in 2 sizes, or with a plush panda or hedgehog cover.

Why we love it: The castor wheels mean freedom to scoot in any direction your child fancies – round and round in circles if they wish. And the designs are super-cute: kids love the bee antennae and the big mouse ears. A real hand-me-down toy, too.

Available from: Wheelybug and Amazon

10. JCB Tractor Ride-On, £11.99 – best for tractor fans

Age: 1 to 3

What it is: A 31cm x 31cm x 50cm yellow-and-black foot-to-floor tractor that looks like a mini JCB, complete with a squeaky horn.

Why we love it: It looks very cool and there’s some very handy under-seat storage. Do note that the steering wheel doesn’t turn the front wheels, though – it’s very definitely just a leg-push ride-on.

Available from: Amazon and This Is It

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