Toddlers love sit-on toys that allow them to scoot around more or less under their own steam. And ride-ons now come in so many shapes and sizes that your child can hit the open road (well, the garden path) in anything from a classic car or snazzy feet-to-floor trike to a bug, ladybird – or even a mini replica of a Mercedes.


"There are many developmental benefits of a ride-on toy for toddlers," says child psychologist and parenting coach Catherine Hallissey. "A well-chosen ride-on toy is obviously heaps of fun but it can also help to develop your child's balance and coordination, along with gross and fine motor skills."

But which ride-on toys are the best ones to buy? We enlisted a little army of toddler testers to sit, ride and scoot around in – and on– dozens of ride-ons in a range of styles and prices to find out which ones have the most play potential and offer the best value for money. Some of our best-buy selection are perfect for the just-about-walking 1 year-old; others are designed to last longer. All of them are sturdy and fun and have serious toddler kerb appeal...

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Best ride-on toys at a glance

  • Best ride-on for older toddlers: Beehive Toys Bumblebee Ride-on, £39.99
  • Best dual-mode ride-on toy: Micro Ride On Air Hopper, £44.95
  • Best adaptable ride-on toy: Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Push Along Scooter, £109.95
  • Best motorised ride-on toy: Xootz Bumper Car, £179.99
  • Best ride-on toy with 360° wheels: Wheelybug (Small), £69.95
  • Best portable ride-on toy: Scuttlebug, £24.99
  • Best budget sustainable ride-on toy: Baby Clementoni My First Ride On, £33.99
  • Best for outside play: Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, £64.99
  • Best luxury indoor ride-on toy: A Little Bird Told Me Bojangles Donkey Ride-on Toy, £119.95
  • Best foot-powered replica car ride-on toy: ToyStar Kids Ride on Mercedes-Benz Car, £47.99

What to consider before buying a ride-on toy for your child

Age range – Many ride-on toys are suitable from 12 months but because they sit closer to the ground may not be suitable for your child after the age of 2; other ride-on toys have a lower age range of 18 months or even 2 but will last until your child in 3 or older.

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Manoeuvrability – How are the wheels fixed and how much, if at all, do they rotate? Fixed-wheel ride-on toys are often a bit cheaper but may not suit an older toddler who wants to steer and change direction; ride-on toys with 360° rotating wheels offer a lot more manoeuvrability and whizz.

Weight and portability – However much you child loves their ride-on toy, we can promise you that there will be times when you'll be lugging it home from the park or trying to fit it in the boot of your car. Check the toy's weight before you buy, and see if it has a carry handle or even folds down.

Indoor or outdoor use – Some ride-on toys are really only suitable for indoor use; others can tackle both but some will maybe not cope so well with rough terrain. Think about how and where your child will be playing with their ride-on toy before you buy.

Here's our pick of the best ride-on toys, as tested by toddlers and rated by their parents…

1. Beehive Toys Bumblebee Ride-on, £39.99

– Best ride-on toy for older toddlers

Beehive Toys Bumblebee Ride-on with child tester Ramsey

Age: 18 months to 3 years | Best for age: 2+ | Batteries: None | Size: L54 cm x W26 cm x H39cm | Weight: 2.5kg

This yellow-and-black ride-on toy has rounded handlebars and silent, non-scratch, enclosed safety wheels, which can be used on any smooth, level surface, indoors or out. It has a seat height of 28cm, which should suit an older toddler well.

It's stable, super-stylish and good value for money. And, though it does look more like an indoor ride-on than an outdoor one, it does cope well with pavements and paths, as you can see from our picture – though we wouldn't recommend it for a scoot down a bumpy gravel track.

"This is very sturdy and well made – and looks lovely," said Charlotte, mum of our child tester Ramsey, 2 (pictured above). "Ramsey loves the bright colours and the bee pattern and the height is just right for him; he seems very comfortable on it.

"It's very easy for him to push it along with his feet, gather speed and turn direction. Whenever he sees it, he jumps on it and has a scoot around!" Minimal assembly required (attaching handlebar with tool provided).

Pros: Sturdy, affordable, lightweight, easy to get on and off, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Cons: More suited to older toddlers, might struggle on bumpy terrain, does not fold down, no choice of colour/design

Available at: Beehive Factory and Amazon

2. Micro Ride On Air Hopper, £44.95

– Best dual-mode ride-on toy

Micro Ride On Air Hopper with child tester Emily

Age: 18 months to 6 years | Best for age: 2+ | Batteries: None | Size: L54cm x W28cm x H31cm | Weight: 3.1kg

This inflatable, bouncy-friend–on-wheels has 2 antennae to use as handles. The 4 non-marking (yay!) PU wheels turn 360° and the wheeled chassis can be removed to use the toy as a hopper.

We like its dual-play feature (scooting and balancing/hopping) and were won over by its cute, contoured looks. It's also got plenty of longevity – although we do think the starting age of 18 months would only really work for a very long-legged toddler. And it's really only suitable for indoor use.

Jan, mum of our child tester Emily, 2 (pictured above), loved the design and build quality, and particularly liked the robust material used, saying, "It looks like it will last and will survive the amount of play my little girl will put it through!"

She was also impressed with how quickly Emily took to the toy, adding, "From the moment we opened the package, she’s loved riding around at top speed!" Emily's verdict? "Cool! Fun! Weeeeee!" Comes in blue and pink.

Pros: Sturdy, 2 modes, affordable, lightweight, easy to get on and off, 360° non-marking wheels
Cons: More suited to older toddlers, only suitable for use indoors, does not fold down, limited colour choice

Available at: Amazon, Micro Scooters and John Lewis

3. Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Push Along Scooter, £109.95

– Best adaptable ride-on toy

Mini Micro 3in1 Deluxe Push Along Scooter

Age: 1 to 5 | Best for age: 1 to 2 | Size: L58cm x W23cm x H91cm | Weight: 3kg (with seat) 1.8kg (without seat) | Award: Gold, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2022

Perfect for outdoors, this Mini Micro scooter is fun, well made and super-easy for even very young toddlers to get on and off by themselves.

"I so excited! Look at me mummy, I go fast. I Iike to go riding on the scooter," commented child tester Connor, age 2 years old.

What really sets this ride-on toy apart from the rest is the convertible elements of the scooter. It starts off as a push-along scooter then, when the steering handle, seat and footrest comes off, it eventually becomes a scooter that a preschooler can graduate into riding independently.

"Great fun and very comfortable when riding on the seat. As a parent it was smooth to push and once you get the knack of turning very easy to use. The length of the pole is fab, meaning you don't have to stoop to comfortably push the scooter along. Having a scooter that also has a seat is fantastic. It makes the longevity of the scooter well worth the price and is a toy that you can definitely use for younger siblings when old enough," shared parent tester Emily who tested this with Connor, age 2 years old.

You can select from 6 different colours including aqua, blue, green, pink, purple, red and blue.

Pros: Adaptable to child's age, lots of colour options, good quality, easy to get on and off
Cons: Pricey, not suitable for grass or bumpy surfaces

Available at: Amazon, Micro Scooters and Kidly

4. Xootz Bumper Car, £179.99

– Best motorised ride-on toy

xootz bumper car

Age: 18 months+ | Best for age: 2+ | Batteries: 2x 6V rechargeable | Size: L66.50cm x W44cm x H66.50cm | Weight: 30kg | Award: Editor's Choice, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2022

This cool, motorised ride-on has a seat, 2 joysticks, side and back lights, adjustable seatbelt and wireless remote control. It can be driven by your child or remotely too. The Xootz bumper car also has a rubberised bumper making it perfect for protection against any knocks or bumps whilst playing.

It's pricey – but what a head-turner! The side and back lights can be switched on or off and it makes sounds too. You can play with this at home, in the garden or in an outdoor space. It goes at a decent-but-not-too-scarily-fast speed of up to 5km per hour and can spin a full 360 degrees.

"The toy has huge amounts of play potential and our children were over the moon to receive it. It’s incredibly original – I haven’t seen a toy bumper car before. The disco lights and noise create another layer of fun and excitement," shared parent tester Emma who tested this with her 3 and 7 year old.

When you first receive the bumper car, there is some assembly required. You have to attach the bumper and backrest and put in the battery. This shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes. General charge time is 5 hours, but for the first use it will need about 12 hours before it's ready to go.

"I really like it because it’s an easier way of walking and you don’t really have to move your feet. It’s also really fun because the lights mean you can drive it at night and they make it feel like you’re in a disco. I’d like to play with it every single day when I’m not at school," shared our child tester Charlie, age 7 years old (pictured).

Pros: Sturdy, amazing features, easy to get in and out, longevity of use, can be used indoor and out
Cons: Very pricey, quite large, heavy to lift, requires regular charging, does not fold, no choice of colour

Available at: Xootz, John Lewis and Very

5. Wheelybug (Small), £69.95

– Best ride-on toy with 360° wheels


Age: 1 to 3 | Best for age: 2+ | Batteries: None | Size: L39cm x W24cm x H31cm | Weight: 1.8kg | Award: Silver, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2022

This animal-themed wooden ride-on has 360° rotating castor wheels and an aluminium handle. It's very lightweight and very nippy and manoeuvrable. It can also be used outdoors as well as in, but we’d say it works much more efficiently on smoother surfaces.

Hollie, who's a member of our Top Testers Club bought a Wheelybug for her daughter Elsie when she turned 1 and said, "She loved it but, to be honest, she didn't really scoot about on it till she was 18 months or so. But we've had so much use out of it since then. She’s now 3 and still loves it!"

"My little one is absolutely loving playing with this. She works it into her imaginative play, getting on it and calling it her "car" and driving to the shop, then getting off and pretending to buy some things, then driving it back "home". Very well made and very cute, it seems like it would last really well and is durable enough for indoor play." shared parent tester Laura who tested this with their daughter Amelie, age 2 years old (pictured)

Available in Bee, Ladybird, Cow, Pig, Tiger designs. You can buy a Wheelybug with a plush seat cover in Dog, Hedgehog, Lion, Panda and Unicorn, which allows you to buy separate plush covers to place over the seat to mix it up your animals up a bit.

Pros: Lightweight, sturdy, 360° wheels, easy to get on and off, can be used indoors and out, large colour/design choice
Cons: Pricey, more suited to older toddlers, does not fold down

Available at: Amazon, Hippychick and Wheelybug

6. Scuttlebug, £24.99

– Best portable ride-on toy

Scuttlebug trike with child tester Finley

Age: 1 to 3 | Best for age: 2+ | Batteries: None | Size: L60cm x W33cm x H43cm | Weight: 2.7kg

This bright and funky foot-to-floor ride on is great value for money. It has 3 wheels and front-wheel steering and our toddler testers took it it straight away. It rides well indoors and on outside pavements but definitely struggles a little on uneven ground,

As well as its great price, this ride-on stands out for how quickly and easily it folds down – and how compactly, too. In 3 steps, you can fold your trike down into a small, lightweight package that'll fit into most pushchair storage baskets.

Bryony, who's a member of our Top Testers Club and a mum of 3 told us, "I think they’re great! Cute design and compact enough to take anywhere with you. Our Scuttlebug is onto our 3rd child and still looks and works great, so it's definitely brilliant value for money.”

Comes in 4 bug-themed colours: green grasshopper, a red beetle (pictured, above), pink butterfly and yellow bumble. You can also buy a Scuttlebug XL, a slightly larger version that's suitable for 1 to 4 years (pictured with our child tester Finley, in our picture above). Minimal assembly required.

Pros: Great value, folds down very compactly, lightweight, easy to get on and off, good choice of colours/designs, can be used indoor and out
Cons: Struggles on uneven ground

Available at: Very, Amazon and Scuttlebug

7. Baby Clementoni My First Ride On, £33.99

– Best budget sustainable ride-on toy

aby Clementoni My First Ride On with child tester Lola

Age suitability: 12 months+ | Best for age: 18 months + | Batteries: None | Size: L59 x W16 x H25cm | Weight: 1.7kg

This great-value vintage-style ride-on car is made from 100% recycled materials with steering wheel, a squeaky horn and steerable wheels.

Lola, our 20-month-old child tester (pictured above) got the hang of riding the car straightaway and loved the beep-able horn, while her mum Laura was impressed by its the retro look and the fact that it's well-made, sturdy and formed from reclaimed plastic.

It's quite low to the ground, so an older, taller toddler might find it hard to sit on comfortably and we all noted that, because the front is quite low, it's hard going on very uneven surfaces. Some self-assembly required

Pros: Great value, sustainably made, lightweight, easy to get on and off, squeaky horn
Cons: Best for indoor use only, may be too small for older toddlers, does not fold down

Available at: Amazon and OnBuy

8. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, £64.99

– Best for outside play


Age suitability: 18 months+ | Best for age: 18 months+ | Batteries: None | Size: L72cm x W44cm x H84cm | Weight: 8.62kg

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe is a classic for a reason. This tall plastic car has front wheels that spin round 360°, a steering wheel, an opening door, a working horn, a moving and clicking ignition switch, an opening/closing fuel cap, cup holders and a storage area for toy passengers.

It also features a removable floor so that you can change between a parent-controlled push toy and a toddler-propelled scoot-along, depending on your child's age and stage.

Fun, manoeuvrable, and really robust (left outside, it'll withstand a few British winters), the Cozy Coupe rides brilliantly well outdoors. It's been a bestseller for over 30 years and it still reliably sets toddler hearts aflutter today. We actually had a mini child-tester fight about who got to sit in this first…

Available in loads of other designs, including a dinosaur, fairy and police car. Some reasonably tricky self-assembly required.

Pros: Sturdy, great for outdoor use, easy to get in and out, 360° front wheels, fun features, can be used as a push toy
Cons: Tricky to assemble, not very lightweight, does not fold down

Available at: Smyths Toys, Amazon and Argos

9. A Little Bird Told Me Bojangles Donkey Ride-on Toy, £119.95

– Best luxury indoor ride-on toy

A Little Bird Told Me Bojangles Donkey Ride-on Toy with child tester Oliver

Age: 12 months+ | Best for age: 1 to 2 | Batteries: None | Size: L60cm x W28cm x H30cm | Weight: 4.7kg

This shaggy donkey ride-on has a wooden frame and legs, topped with a soft, stuffed polyester cover and a deep, curved leatherette seat. It has 360° rotating castor wheels, little wooden handlebars, crinkly ears, textured mane and a bell in the tail.

It's beautifully – and robustly – made, and super-comfy to sit on, although the height of the seat means a small 1-year-old might struggle to get on and off on their own and, once on, may not quite be able to touch the floor with their feet. It's also really only made for indoor use.

"The quality of this ride-on donkey is excellent," said Paula, mum of our child tester Oliver, 13 months (pictured). "The seat is padded and comfy, the fabric is beautifully soft, the bell and crinkle ears are lovely touches, and it just looks adorable. The wheels are multi-way so it is great for whizzing around, and the shape of the seat and position of the handlebars makes it feel like Oliver is well balanced and not going to topple off.

"It is a lot of money but I do think it’s worth it as it's so well made, so huggable and looks great in a child's bedroom." Also comes in Hubert Highland Cow, Moobert Cow and Cuthbert Elephant designs. A little assembly required.

Pros: Sturdy, super-comfy seat, 360° wheels, crinkle/sound features, good choice of designs, beautiful design
Cons: Very pricey, only suitable for indoor use, not very lightweight, not super-easy for a small toddler to get on and off, does not fold

Available at: A Little Bird Told Me and Amazon

10. ToyStar Kids Ride on Mercedes-Benz Car, £47.99

– Best foot-powered replica car ride-on toy

ToyStar Kids Ride On Mercedes Benz Car with child tester Ezra

Age: 12 months+ | Best for age: 12 months+ | Batteries: 2 x AA (not included) | Size: L65cm x W32cm x H39cm | Weight: 3kg

This shiny mini Mercedes lookalike is a perch-on-top, car ride-on, rather than a get-inside car ride-on. It has anti-slip wheels and a turning steering wheel with 2 buttons to press for beeping and jingling sound effects.

It's really good quality for the price, and has nice speedometer detailing on the dashboard. We also like the roomy seat's high backrest (which doubles as a parent carry handle) and the little storage space underneath the seat.

Lowri, mum of our child tester Ezra, 15 months (pictured), said, "My son loves his car – it beeps and plays songs and he really enjoys riding around the house on it, as well as hiding his toys in the boot under the seat." Comes in red or white. Requires some assembly.

Pros: Sturdy, affordable, easy to get on and off, sound features, can be used indoors and out
Batteries will need replacing (and not included), does not fold down, limited colour choice

Available at: Amazon, ToyStar and Smyths Toys


How did we choose our 10 of the best?

When choosing and testing these ride-on toys we considered size, price, age suitability, durability, smoothness of ride, extra features and longevity of use.

Out 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our testing during the MadeForMums awards and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club.

Each year, 1000s of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, but instead a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we aim to help you discover what is best for your family

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