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12 of the best trikes for babies, toddlers and kids

From push trikes for babies with parent handle to trikes that convert to balance bikes – and more – we've tried and tested the best trikes for children from 9 months to 6 years

best trikes

Trikes are the perfect first introduction to the world of cycling. Giving older babies, toddlers and preschoolers the thrill of whizzing around on 3 wheels – whether powered by parent push, leg shuffling or proper pedalling – is an excellent way of building confidence, learning how to steer and, when they’re moving under their own steam, burning off lots of energy.


Learning to ride a trike is fantastic for developing gross motor skills, helping to boost your child’s coordination and balance, as well as building up muscle strength. Trikes are also a brilliant way for your child to improve their hand-eye coordination as they learn how to steer, and whole-body coordination as they eventually learn how to steer and pedal at the same time.

And of course, anything that encourages your child to get outdoors and active gets the thumbs up from us!

What kind of trike is right for which age?

  • For babies: Trikes can be suitable for babies as young as 9 months old. There are models packed with special features, like a 5-point harness and footrests to keep your baby safely and comfortably in place. These trikes come with a large handle at the back, so you can push and steer your little one around as they take in the world from a sitting position. Many of these models will then convert into variations on the conventional trike that your child can learn to ride as a balance trike or a pedal trike (or both) as they get older.
  • For toddlers: Don’t worry about trying to introduce pedals at this young age; instead, opt for simple, sit-on trikes that your toddler can move by pushing (or, more likely, shuffling) along the ground with their feet as they hold onto the handles. It will take a while for children this age to understand and master steering but practice makes perfect, so encourage them to persevere and always be on hand to help out.
  • For 2 to 3-year-olds: Trikes with pedals are a great choice for preschoolers, who will now have the muscle strength to put these into action – and they will relish the independence as they whizz along.
  • For older children: There are a number of very cool trikes marketed for older children but many kids over the age of 4 may be be more interested in getting their first pedal bike and learning to cycle on 2 wheels.

If you’re not sure which steering/pedalling skills to teach your child when – or how to teach them – read our guide on how and when to teach your toddler to ride a trike. And whether they stick with trikes or move onto bikes, make sure they always wear a helmet.

Here’s our pick of the best trikes for children aged 9 months to 6 years

1. Beehive Multifunctional 3 in 1 trike, £89.99

– Best for smoothness and value for money

Age:18 months to 5 years | Weight: 7kg | Max child weight: 25kg |  Seat height: 34cm | Self-assembly: Some
Awards: Gold, MadeForMums Toy Awards

What it is: A lightweight aluminium-framed push trike with adjustable-height parent handle (up to 95cm) that converts without tools into a standard trike and a balance bike with or without pedals (the rear wheels can be pushed together to make a single wheel). Features puncture-resistant EVA foam tyres, non-slip rubber handle grips, a safety guard and removable pedals. Also folds down for easy storage.

Why we love it: This trike has a lovely retro vibe, is impressively light and smooth to push, and is easy to convert to its different modes. We like the adjustable-height parent handle (though, ideally, it would adjust a little higher) and the security of the circular support bar (not pictured) that you can add for babies when it’s in push-trike mode. “Orla shouted ‘I love it!’ when we opened it,” said Sian, mum of our child tester, Orla, 2. “She’s previously had another brand of trike that is more similar to a pushchair but this is more lightweight, so she can manoeuvre it more easily, which is great for her confidence and independence. I like how easy it is to change modes – we’ll get a lot of use from this.” Worth noting that the seat height is not adjustable but this is a great value-for-money buy.

Available at: Beehive Toy Factory

2. Kinderkraft Spinstep 5-in-1 Tricycle, £124.90

– Best for quality features and accessories

Age: 9 months to 5 years | Weight: 10kg | Max child weight: 25kg | Seat height: 50cm | Self-assembly: Some
Awards: Joint Silver, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2021

What it is: A steel-framed trike with solid tyres that has 5 different modes, from parent-facing push trike to outward-facing push trike to 3 variations of trike. Features a detachable adjustable-height (up to 108cm) parent handle. waterproof UPF50+ hood, a 360°-swivel adjustable seat, 2 baskets, bumper bar, bag, 3-point safety harness, foldable footrests, a cup holder and a bell. Comes in pink, grey or green (pictured).

Why we love it: This is a quality multifunctional trike – a bit pricier than many but that’s probably for the parent-facing stroller option and the fact that, when you’re using the parent handle mode, you can disconnect the drive of the front wheels from the pedals (so your child can pedal away but you’re still in control of the speed). We like the flip up footrests the feature that lets you can slide the seat forward on the frame so that your child’s legs reach the pedals and then move it back as they grow. It also has some great toddler-friendly accessories, such as the wind-up bell and a separate basket just for them. “Eibhlin loves being pushed about in this and really enjoys dinging the bell and shouting beep beep!” said Laura, mum of our child tester Eibhlin, 1. “Her nearly 3-year-old brother has been enjoying riding it too, using the pedals.”

Available at: Kinderkraft and Pramworld

3. Steiff Tiny Tot Classic Trike/Bike, £91.99

– Best wooden trike

Age:2+ | Weight: Not specified (but not light!) | Max child weight: 20kg | Seat height: 23cm to 30cm | Self-assembly: Some
Awards: Joint Silver, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2021

What it is: A wooden pedal-free trike with solid rubber wheels and adjustable-height seat that transforms (with the use of tools) into a balance bike as your child grows in confidence. Features a removable plush saddle cover and a furry Steiff teddy bear head on either side of the frame.

Why we love it: It’s very well-made and beautiful to look at and it’s sturdy too – it’s not really meant for outside play but our child testers all took it outdoors and it coped excellently. We like the adjustable seat and love that the seat cover – which can’t possibly stay looking that plush and clean for long – is both removable and washable. “I like my trike,” said our child tester Grace, 3. “It goes fast and I could beat my granddad down the street on it. It’s super fun and my favourite.”

Available at: Steiff, Planet Happy Toys, and Harrods

4. Globber Explorer Trike 2 in 1, £99.99

– Best for a comfortable ride

Age: 2 to 5 years | Weight: 5.5kg | Max child weight: 50kg | Seat height: 31cm to 34cm | Self-assembly: Some
Awards: Bronze, MadeForMums Toy Awards 2021

What it is: A lightweight aluminium-framed 2-in-1 trike and balance bike with EVA foam wheels that can switch between modes without the need for tools. The saddle is adjustable to 2 different heights, the curved handlebars have anti-slip grips and pedals can be stored underneath the seat when in balance-bike mode. Comes in teal and black (pictured) or red and black.

Why we love it: It has a nicely curved seat that’s covered with a soft, anti-slip material and we really like the simple twist-and-click way you change it from trike to balance bike. “It’s definitely worth every penny for me,” said Faseela, mum of our child tester Adam, 2. “It’s a lovely classy design, in a nice colours, and it’s amazing quality. It’s light but feels sturdy and it’s so easy to change it from trike to bike. Adam loves it – he’s been on it every day.”

Available at: Plum and Uber Kids

5. Trybike Steel Balance Trike, £140

– Best for height adjustability

Age: 15 months to 6 years | Weight: 6.3kg | Max child weight: 35kg | Seat height: 30cm to 45cm| Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A vintage-style, steel-framed trike which can be converted into a balance bike. Features 12″ spoked steel wheels (the front wheel is height-adjustable), extra wide pneumatic tyres, adjustable-height saddle and handlebars, built-in footrest and easy-grip handles. Comes in white, grey, blue, pink, green (pictured) and red.

Why we love it: “I like how sturdy and strong this bike is – it feels very durable for the age group it’s targeted for,” said Tenisha, mum of our child tester Kady 3, and we agree. Kady and our other child testers got the hang of using it incredibly quickly (it’s so low to the ground, so easy to get on and off). We really like that the front wheel is height-adjustable as well as the seat and handlebars: this is a trike that that should fit your child well for years. We also rate the steel frame and vintage look (it gives the trike a nice, premium feel and Tenisha told us “we had quite a few compliments on our travels with it”) – and we found it straightforward, although not super-quick, to convert into a 2-wheel balance bike.

Available at: KIDLY, John Lewis and Hippychick

6. TP 4-in-1 Trike, £89.99

– Best for comfiness


 10 months to 3 years | Weight: 6.1kg | Max child weight: 23kg | Seat height: Not specified | Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A push-trike/trike with 4 modes and a detachable, height-adjustable parent handle. Comes with wide, shock-resistant wheels, easy-grip handles, retractable UV canopy, padded seat, 3-point safety harness, bumper bar, footrests, drink holder and storage basket.

Why we love it: This push trike has all the features you’d expect, include parental steering lock and height-adjustable parent handle, and it looks very stylish indeed. “You feel like your child is really safe in this,” said Lou, mum of our child tester Bonnie, 19 months, “and the seat seems much comfier to sit in that other trikes we have tried. Bonnie’s quite happy to sit in this trike for ages!” We like the drinks holder for your child in the front but it’s too smaller to take the more chunky toddler beakers. We also found it a little clunky to steer.

Available from: TP Toys, Argos and Pramworld

7. Bobbin Bikes Classic Tricycle, £100

– Best for classic style

Age: 2 to 4 years | Weight: 5kg | Max child weight: Not specified | Seat height: to fit inside leg of 33cm to 45cm | Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A classic steel-framed trike with solid rubber tyre, height-adjustable saddle and chrome-plated handlebars with white grips. Available in pea green (pictured), pink and yellow, in a powder-coated gloss paint finish.

Why we love it: The cool, vintage vibe of this trike delivers some serious nostalgia – but there’s more to it than just good looks. We really rate the simple ‘sit and pedal’ design, without any extra fancy bells and whistles, which made it easy for our child testers to master. It’s a design that feels a bit more ‘grown-up’, which would make it more appealing to kids at the older end of the recommended age range, too.

Available atBobbin

8. Scuttlebug, £25

– Best budget buy for a toddler

Age: 12 months+ | Weight: 2.4kg | Max child weight: 20kg | Seat height: 25cm | Self-assembly: None

What it is: A ‘foot-to-floor’ toddler trike, with front wheel steering, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It folds down in 3 steps, to a compact, lightweight package. Available in 4 character designs: grasshopper, ladybird (pictured), butterfly and bumble bee.

Why we love it: With no pedals, it’s ideal for helping your child pick up the essentials of balancing and steering, without having to grapple with anything too complicated. From a convenience point of view, we love how it folds down so quickly and easily, to a nicely compact size that can fit into most pushchair storage baskets. The cute bug-themed designs also get the thumbs up.

Available at: Argos , Amazon and Smyths Toys

9. Smoby Pushalong Tricycle, £44.99

– Best no-frills trike with parent handle

Age: 1 to 3 years | Weight: 3.6kg | Max child weight: 25kg | Seat height:  31cm | Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A metal-frame push trike-to-trike with an ergonomically designed, height-adjustable seat, silent wheels, wide height-adjustable handlebars, safety belt and a storage bucket. There is a detachable height-adjustable (up to 95cm) parent handle and you can lock the handlebar when using the parent-guided mode. Comes in Pink (pictured) or Blue.

Why we love it: Bright and colourful, this trike will definitely help your child stand out at the playground! It’s got all the essential push trike details, like the parent handle and the steering lock, but comes in at a lower price because it doesn’t do the very-young-toddler pushchair-with-bumper-bar mode. The parent handle isn’t the longest but we like that the seat is adjustable and the storage bucket at the back was a hit with our child testers.

Available at: Amazon

10. Micro Trike XL, £97.95

– Best for portability

Age: 18 months to 3 years | Weight: 2.2kg | Max child weight: 20kg | Seat height: 37.5cm | Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A pedal-free, lightweight trike which comes with puncture-free wheels, adjustable footrest and safety belt. There’s an adjustable-height steering handle for parents to guide and push, and the whole thing folds down completely flat. Comes in blue or black.

Why we love it: Super light and compact when folded, this trike is ideal for taking on holiday – it can easily be popped in the boot or carried over your shoulder when out and about. Although the trike does come with a seatbelt, we think this is better suited for older children who are happy to sit still when being pushed around – we prefer an ‘impossible to wriggle free from’ 5-point safety harness for young toddlers!

Available at: Micro Scooters

11. Schwinn Roadster trike, £79.99

– Best for retro cool


Age: 3 to 5 years | Weight: 10kg | Max child weight: 68kg | Seat height: to fit riders 71cm to 96cm tall | Self-assembly: Some

What it is: A steel sloped-frame trike with 3 air-filled tyres, moustache-style, cruiser handlebars, bike bell, chrome mudguards and a wood deck at the rear. The 5-position seat can be adjusted to grow with your child, and you can pick from a choice of 7 colourways.

Why we love it: Giving us serious US biker vibes, this is one cool-looking trike! The seat is set low to the ground, keeping it stable and making it easy for your child to get on an off themselves, plus the adjustable seat means they should have no problems reaching the pedals. It’s definitely a trike for older children – there’s no seatbelt and we found it takes a bit of effort to get rolling due to the weight (younger children may struggle uphill). We thought the wooden deck, with the logo burned in, was a fun, retro touch.

Available atAmazon

12. Zebra Balance Bike, £39.99

– Best indoor starter trike

Age: 1 to 2 years | Weight: 2kg | Max child weight: Not specified | Seat height: 28cm | Self-assembly: None

What it is: A lightweight  3-wheeled balance bike, with a seat height of 28cm and anti-skid safety wheels. Also available as a giraffe.

Why we love it: It’s sturdy, stable and specifically designed for children under 3 who are learning to balance and scoot along on their own. Our child tester parents were super-impressed with one saying, “It’s amazing to see my 14-month-old using this: I honestly wouldn’t have thought to buy one for him at this age – but he uses it daily, and his face lights up when he sees it.”

Available at: Beehive Toys  and Amazon

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