Let’s face it, even at the height of summer British beaches are not exactly sizzling and even an outing to an indoor baby pool can be a chilly affair.


Up to the age of 2, children aren’t able to regulate their temperature and it’s easy for them to get cold while swimming. That’s where a baby and toddler wetsuit comes in – it’ll keep your baby insulated and happy while they’re splashing about in the shallows.

If they're going to be out in the sea, it would be worth considering a baby and toddler life jacket, especially if they'll be playing on kids' paddleboards or doing other water activities. For beachside fun, we've rounded up some of the best beach toys for kids to keep them busy and, in case you're planning a seaside staycation, we've got the best family tents and a family camping checklist ready for you too.

If a kids' wetsuit is what you're going to need next, there are a few different factors to consider when choosing before you take the plunge.

Best baby and toddler wetsuits at a glance

  • Swim Cosy Baby Wrap, £14.95
  • Splash About Warm in One, from £23.95
  • JoJo Maman Bebe Kids' Boat Print Wetsuit, £26
  • Two Bare Feet Ultimate Newborn Wetsuit, £12.99
  • Quicksilver 1.5mm Syncro Springsuit for Toddlers, £40
  • O'Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Wetsuit, £31.95
  • Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit, £12.50
  • Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit, £19.99
  • Roxy Syncro GBS Back Zip Wetsuit, £125
  • SwimBest Baby Wetsuit, £9.99

How to choose a baby and toddler wetsuit

Most wetsuits are made from neoprene, a quick-drying, insulating fabric that’s available in different thicknesses – the thicker it is, the warmer it is, but that can also mean less flexibility.

For long days spent on windy beaches and in colder pools, you can also get wetsuits with an added fleece-lining for an extra layer of warmth.

For outdoor adventures, UPF protection is a fantastic addition to many on the market, which will give you peace of mind your child is safe in the sun.

Squeezing a wriggly little person into a tight wetsuit isn’t fun for anyone, so it’s important to think about how easy a wetsuit is to get on and off – look for wide openings and long zips at the front or back.

Body wraps are perfect for smaller babies as they lie out completely flat and simply wrap around the body, but you’ll need a swimsuit and swim nappy underneath before your baby is ready to go. Which brings us to our next point – nappies.

While most wetsuits require your little one to wear a swim nappy (like this Splash About Happy Nappy) underneath, some innovative designs have an integrated nappy inside – a clever option that will save money in the long run.

Here are the best wetsuits for babies, toddlers and kids

1. Swim Cosy Baby Wrap, £14.95

If you’ve booked the swimming lessons for your little one and now have no idea what you need, look no further than the Swim Cosy Baby Wrap. It opens up flat, so you don’t have to put it over your baby’s head and its snug fit will make them feel cosy, comforted and warm.

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The SwimBest Baby Wetsuit on our list is £5 cheaper, but the Swim Cosy has a few features that give it a premium feel – anti-snag Velcro for soft, quiet dressing, it’s also made of 3mm neoprene (Swim Cosy’s is a slightly less insulating 2mm) and it’s available in 4 contemporary prints.

It also goes up to age 3, a whole year more than Swim Cosy, although arguably you may have moved onto a more grown-up design by then.

Parents who bought this in the past praised the strong velcro fastenings as well as the fabric it's made from. One parent of a little boy said, "it’s a soft and flexible material, with soft velcro that doesn’t destroy my clothes as I change or carry him about."

Available from: Amazon

2. Splash About Warm in One, from £23.95

In the world of baby water-wear, the Splash About brand is a major authority and its Warm in One wetsuit is a fleece-lined piece of snuggly genius.

It’s made from neoprene, it has long arms and legs and is completely fleece-lined, which keeps children warm in cool pools and chilly changing rooms.

Plus, it’s designed to hold barrier creams in place, so it’s perfect for children with Eczema. The Swimbubs Warm Wetsuit is a challenger to the Splash About as it’s also a fleece-lined wetsuit that velcros at the back with UPF50+, but they differ slightly in material – the Swimbubs outer is made of polyester, plus the Splash About sizing is slightly roomier and there are more cute designs available.

It’s a close call between the two, especially considering the Swimbubs is £7 cheaper. However, reviewers of this design were impressed with the quality of the product. One parent said it kept their baby "lovely and warm and he always seems comfortable," while another added they "love the design and it's nice and warm."

Available from: Splash About, Amazon

3. JoJo Maman Bebe Kids’ Boat Print Wetsuit, £26

Quick and easy dressing is an essential ingredient for little ones desperate to get to the sea, and the front zip and Velcro fastening of this JoJo Maman Bebe Kids’ Boat Print Wetsuit make it super-simple to pop on.

While it might not have the technical prowess of the Quicksilver or O’Neill offerings in our list, it’s made from 1.5mm neoprene and has a stretchiness which allows ease of movement and it’ll certainly keep your child warm and comfortable during a day playing at the beach.

Did we also mention its significantly less expensive? There are two cute designs to choose from, which range from 1 to 6 years. One mum who reviewed the wetsuit said it was "relatively easy" for her son to get on and off and that it "keeps him much warmer in the water allowing him to play for longer."

Available from: JoJo Maman Bebe

4. Two Bare Feet Ultimate Newborn Wetsuit, £12.99

Chilly babies are never happy babies and this Two Bare Feet Ultimate Newborn Wetsuit will keep your little one toasty and smiling during a trip to the beach or pool.

Most similar in look to the Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit and the Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit, it’s certainly a winner in the value-for-money stakes. But, it doesn’t have the UV protection or built-in swim nappy of the former products.

It’s a solid option though that’s earned its place on our list with its 2mm thick neoprene material, stretchy arm and leg openings and central zip that make getting children in and out of it a breeze.

Parents who bought this wetsuit in the past were pleased with their purchase and praised the manoeuvrability of this suit's design. One mum said it gave her son the space to "move his legs freely" while swimming and another said it was "the best thing to keep my little girl warm while in her swimming lessons."

Available from: Amazon

5. Quicksilver 1.5mm Syncro Springsuit for Toddlers, £40

Designed by the world-renowned surf brand Quicksilver, this 1.5mm Syncro Springsuit for Toddlers wetsuit means business! Suitable for ages 1 and above, it’s made from neoprene, is flatlock stitched and has a back zip, so it can be popped on and off easily.

Its closest competition on our list is the O’Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Wetsuit, which can also be worn from age 1 and is made from slightly thicker material, so it’s a tad warmer.

With such recognisable brand names, they’re both at the premium end of the price scale with only £8 between them, but we think Quicksilver secures the crown for most eye-catching with its neon yellow finish.

Available from: Quicksilver

6. O'Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Wetsuit, £31.95

If you’re after a toddler wetsuit with serious technical ability, you can’t go far wrong with this O'Neill Reactor 2mm Spring Wetsuit for ages 1 and above.

With a back zip pull-cord, superseal neck to stop water getting in and a next-level range of movement, stretch and softness, this children’s wetsuit has an adult level of expert features.

It’s slightly thicker and warmer than the Quicksilver 1.5mm Syncro Sprinsuit, which means it’ll keep little ones happy and shiver-free on a windy beach for hours. Plus, it’s a great price for a premium-grade product.

Available from: O’Neill and Amazon

7. Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit, £12.50

We’ve all heard the timeworn horror story of an unwanted nappy leak during a baby’s first swimming lesson – enter the Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit, which will ensure you and your baby don’t become the unfortunate star of your local leisure centre.

Made from 1mm thick neoprene, it’s a 2-in-1 wetsuit and swim school-approved built-in Happy Nappy – the perfect combination for stress-free baby swimming.

Slightly more expensive than the lookalike Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit, which also has an integrated nappy, UPF50+, but as a bonus is also fleece-lined, the Splash About has many more fun prints to choose from and it’s available up to the age of 2, while the Close Pop-in only goes up to age 1.

This design received an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 from over 450 reviews on Amazon. While some praised the fit, a couple of reviewers mentioned these suits could be slightly on the small side, which is worth keeping mind. One parent who bought the wetsuit for her son described it as, "really comfortable for him as the material isn't stiff."

Available from: Amazon

8. Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit, £19.99

With an insulating fleece-lining, easy to use front opening, integrated swim nappy and UPF50+ sun protection – it’s hard to find anything we don’t like about the clever Close Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit.

Its warm fleece interior put it on par with the Swimbubs Warm Wetsuit and the Splash About Warm in One, but with a built-in nappy, it’s also in the same league as the Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit.

Best of all though is the price – with so many functions, it’s excellent value for money. If you want a no-fuss, super cosy option for your little one, this innovative product is a star buy.

Available from: Amazon

Roxy Syncro GBS Back Zip Wetsuit

9. Roxy Syncro GBS Back Zip Wetsuit, £125

This kids’ wetsuit is available for children aged from 8 years old to 16. The long sleeved and full leg design offer more coverage and warmth in the sea on British beaches. It’s made from 100% neoprene and in a “StretchFlight” version of the material, which the brand promise should make it warm while being light and flexible.

The suit has infared thermal lining on the chest and back which can transform body heat into added warmth and the panels should also help capture and retain heat from the sun.

This wetsuit would be ideal for sporty kids who are having a crack at water activities on their holidays or at weekends. Made by popular surf brand Roxy, it should be a quality wetsuit for kids to enjoy on the beach. The unique “sunset glow” design makes it a fun and stylish choice, too.

Available from: Roxy

10. SwimBest Baby Wetsuit, £9.99

The second baby wrap on our round-up, the SwimBest Baby Wetsuit is one of the best value we found and it’s cute look and snug fit make it a top buy.

The perfect companion for your baby’s first swimming lessons, it opens up completely flat so it’s easy to fit around a baby who’s always on the move. It can be worn on top of a swimsuit and your little one will still need a swim nappy, unlike a product with a built-in nappy, like Splash About’s Happy Nappy Wetsuit, £24.99.

It’s cheaper than the Swim Cosy Baby Wrap, but it’s almost identical in look – the main difference is it fastens at the side rather than the front and it’s made from 2mm thick neoprene, while Swim Cosy’s is 3mm, making it slightly warmer.

This baby wetsuit is recommended by Amazon and seemed to go down well with previous buyers. Although some did mention that the sizing could be on the smaller size, it was described as a "well made swimsuit" which was "value for money."

Available from: Amazon


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