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10 of the best outdoor playhouses

If you're looking for a children's playhouse now the weather's warming up, we have some great options for outdoor playhouses right here...


MadeForMums reviews are independent and based on expertise and testing. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but this never influences our product choices.


There’s nothing else for firing up a child’s imagination like an outdoor playhouse for fun and adventure!

Whether you’re looking for a small playhouse, a playhouse with a slide or a wooden playhouse – we’ve picked out some of our favourites to share with you.

There are some big playhouses and small playhouses here, handy depending on the size of your garden. We’ve thrown in the odd luxury playhouse too, just in case you’ve got a bigger budget.

Maybe for the last one, you’d need a lottery win ? Take a look….

Check our 10 of the best outdoor playhouses

1. Little Tikes Town Playhouse, £329.99

Age: 4 years +

What it is: A brightly-coloured house (measuring 140cm x 155cm x 147cm) where each side is different – it can be either a schoolhouse, a petrol station, a sports house or a shop. The sports side includes a basketball net, a football goal and 4 numbered targets and a ball. And the shop side includes a counter, cash machine and serving hatch with food detailing. There’s a petrol station with a nozzle for refueling, and a school-house entrance with a table and blackboard inside.

Why we love it: If your child loves playing shops they’ll really enjoy the cash machine and counter. Because there’s also a sports zone, they can serve up food and shoot hoops all in one place = awesome!

Available from: Amazon

2 LOL Surprise Cottage Playhouse, £130

Age: 2 years +

What it is: A children’s cottage (108.5cm x 90cm x 124cm) for outdoor or indoor use that requires assembly – it comes with 4 large screws, 16 roof tiles, a Little Tikes badge, 2 flag holders, 16 grey screws, 4 black screws, 2 house frame panels, 2 side frame panels, 2 roof panels, 2 doors and 4 windows.

Why we love it: Well, we reckon it’s pretty much the ultimate LOL Surprise present. Not only can your LOL dolls fit in here – your child can too. It has fully working front and back doors, you can open and close the shutters, and it’s covered in seriously cute LOL stickers.

Available from: Argos

3. Homewood Crib Playhouse, £799.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A 2-storey wooden playhouse with storage space underneath for toys. Meets all EU child safety standards.

Why we love it: The double storey feature makes this a bit of a ‘wow’ house – and gives you added space to put toys in if you’re running out of room indoors = bonus!

Available from: Amazon

4. Chad Valley Funtivity Playhouse, £100

Age: 18 months +

What it is: A fade-resistant playhouse (104 cm x 174cm x 240cm) with a fun tunnel and peek-a-boo windows.

Why we love it: Well, the name of this playhouse alone stands out! It’s just got some obvious added fun bits like the tunnel which we think makes it a bit different, and which we reckon will keep kids occupied for a fair while indeed as they go through it again and again and again…

Available from: Argos

5. Waltons Honeypot Snug Tower Wooden Playhouse With Slide, £329.99

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A lovely looking 4 x 4 playhouse that meets EU child safety guidelines. The windows are made from shatter-proof styrene and the house comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee.

Why we love it: As well as looking lovely, of course the addition of a slide is a nice extra – a bit like the tunnel on the Chad Valley one above. If the kids have been keen to have a playhouse and a slide – this could be a double tick!

Available from: Waltons

6. Children’s Farmhouse Playhouse, £132

Age: 3 years +

What it is: A brightly coloured playhouse with a door and 3 windows and super-cute ‘picket’ fence.

Why we love it: We really like the look of this playhouse – and – as most we’ve seen come in closer to £300 – we think the price point’s great too.

Available from: Amazon

7. Home Essence Contemporary Corner Playhouse, £310


Age: 3 years +

What it is: A corner playhouse designed to make the most of your space. Styrene windows for safety.

Why we love it: It’s a bit different from most of the playhouses we’ve seen, because of its shape, and if you have a corner spare in your garden we do reckon this could be a great space-saver.

We really like the floor to ceiling windows that give this particular house a lovely, airy feel.

Available from: Homebase

8. Crooked Tower Playhouse, £449


Age: 3 years +

What it is: A durable, pre-stained wooden house complete with ladder, slide and balcony.

Why we love it: If you’re looking for something with a bit of quirky character – this has it in abundance, right?! Your child will love walking up the stairs and going down the slide ad infinitum.

Available from: Amazon

9. Hidey Hole, £1,775


Age: 3 years +

What it is: This stunning hideaway house has a cedar-shingle rounded roof for a cosy feel, and there’s a diamond-shaped window at the back to let extra light in.

Why we love it: We think the finish of this house is simply beautiful and gives off such a magical vibe. The door comes in plain wood, or a bright ‘Blue Peter’ blue or Dusky Rose (pictured) for an extra £100.

Available from: The Playhouse Company

And for something extra special…

10. Bespoke 2-storey playhouse with play platforms, £25,050


Age: 3 years +

What it is: A hugely spacious 2-storey playhouse with external platforms, stairways and plenty of windows to let light and air in.

Why we love it: Well, look at it ? We’ve added this in here as a dream house, obvs – for us, as much as for the kids!

Available from: The Playhouse Company

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