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10 of the best wooden mud kitchens for kids

Whether you want functioning taps, triple sized worktops or a blackboard included, take a look at our selection of mud kitchens to buy now

Best mud kitchens and accessories

For kids who aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty, a mud kitchen can be a great way to engage their imagination and keep them entertained outdoors.


That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best mud kitchens out there, as well as some great mud kitchen accessories, so kids enjoy hours of muddy fun.

What is a mud kitchen?

A mud kitchen is an outdoor play kitchen for children. By piling earth and water in pots, pans, bowls and other containers, they can pretend they’re cooking up their own food from their child-sized garden kitchen.

Most mud kitchens are made from wood but not all are treated to be weatherproof for long periods outside. That means you might need to cover them up when they’re not being used or shelter them in somewhere like a shed.

Many will also arrive in pieces which you will have to assemble yourself, so it might be worth checking reviews to see how easy (or not so easy!) other parents have found them to put together.

Here’s our pick of the best wooden mud kitchens…

1. Chad Valley Wooden Mud Kitchen, £100

Age: 3+

Chad Valley’s outdoor kitchen includes an opening oven as well as a 4 hob stove and two bowls on the work station. A set of 8 utensils are included which can hang from hooks along the top plus there’s a blackboard for kids to write the day’s specials on.

It’s worth noting that the kitchen will need sheltering against the elements, so make sure you’ve got somewhere you can cover it – something previous buyers mention in their reviews. It will also need putting together, as it doesn’t arrive already assembled.

Available from: Argos

2. Messy Play Mud Kitchen, from £99.99

Age: 5+

This mud kitchen is made by hand from treated timber to help protect it from the elements. The worktop is made from solid wood with an oak stain. You can choose whether to keep the kitchen in natural wood or have it painted in a choice of colours including pink, grey and blue.

There are four hobs and two “sink” bowls for children to play with. You can also choose whether the bowls are situated together or apart, depending on your preference. All the hanging utensils are included so kids can get stuck in right away.

Available from: Etsy

3. Deluxe Wooden Mud Kitchen, £149.99

Age: 3+

The refillable water butt on this kitchen is a nice touch so kids can rinse off as well as soak their soil pies to make them extra muddy. Half of the worktop also folds up to reveal a removable sink directly beneath, so there are more options for how they want to play with the kitchen.

You’ll find 4 hob rings above an open-and-closing oven for “baking” , which helps it feel like the real deal. The mud kitchen set includes stainless steel pans and a whisk so they’re ready to get started – once you’ve assembled it, of course.

Available from: Very

4. TP Muddy Cook Wooden Mud Kitchen, £50.79

Age: 3+

This mud kitchen is suitable for smaller gardens or a single child as it isn’t as big as some other models. The main basin is removable so it can be filled and emptied with water and the ledge and side-shelf offer surface space for pans and utensils.

The set includes DIY stencils so you and your little ones can add your own hob rings on the top and a name for the kitchen along the front.

Previous buyers seemed pleased with this mud kitchen as it scored an average of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon reviews. One parent described it as, “Perfect present for our little one. They love it and have used it constantly. We love how easy it was to assemble and how sturdy it is.”

Available from: Amazon 

5. Smyths Toys Mud Kitchen, £49.99

Age: 3+

This mud kitchen has plenty to keep little ones entertained with twisting dials, hanging hooks and shelves for storage. There are even 4 decorative flower pots included.

The kitchen is made from solid wood and features a chalkboard for listing the days’ specials. One thing to note is that the wood on this kitchen isn’t treated, so if you want it to last outdoors in damp weather it would be worth painting it with outdoor wood paint first.

Available from: Smyths Toys

6. Plum Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen, £249.99

If you’re looking for a larger kitchen which more than one child can play with, Plum’s model is a good option. There’s a mixing bowl and 2 hob rings to share, plus lots of shelves and storage.

Hooks on either side can hold pans or even a windchime, and there are plant pots on the opposite side as well as counter-top to help engage little gardeners. The backing screen can also be painted on with water-based paints which will wash off, so kids can paint it again and again.

It’s worth noting this kitchen doesn’t arrive assembled and a couple of reviewers mentioned it was quite tricky to put together.

Available from: Amazon, Robert Dyas

7. Pat-a-cake Kitchen, £95

Age: 3+

This pretty painted wooden kitchen is best stored indoors and brought outside when the weather is fair. There are three twisting dials above the oven to play with and a real opening door, alongside the shelving. A blackboard on one side also allows kids to get creative with pretend café menus.

The kitchen scores 5 out of 5 stars from previous reviews, although it’s worth noting that this model will need to be assembled once it arrives.

Available from: Great Little Trading Company

8. Mud Kitchen with Water Function, £69.99

We awarded this fantastic mud kitchen our Silver Award for Best Wooden Toy in our 2019 MadeForMums Awards. We love the realistic features like the running water over the sink space, especially as it helps keep kids away from the hose pipe! There’s also an open and closing oven plus a hob with 4 knobs.

MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor and mum of 2 Christy likes how high quality it felt, “It feels quite sturdy so as long as we treat it every 6 months it should last a long time. I like the fact it’s wooden so more eco-friendly and easier to update with a fresh coat of paint than a plastic garden toy.”

Available from: Studio

9. Children’s All Weather Mud Kitchen With Pitched Roof, £349

Age: 3 to 6

For a deluxe garden kitchen, something like this mini house kitchen could be an option. There’s an opening oven below a hob as well as removable tub sink and drawer. You’ll also find handy shelves and utensil hooks for storage while the pitched roof should keep away some of the drizzle.

This kitchen is made from Canadian Red Wood and is treated, so it’s suitable to be left outdoors in all weathers. As it’s made by hand, it will arrive assembled so you don’t need to worry about putting it together.

Available from: Etsy

10. Early Fun Mud Kitchen, £49.99

Age: 3+

This mud kitchen counter is designed to be added into an existing playhouse or it can be attached to a shed or other outdoor surface you might have available – a lovely option if you don’t want to spend lots on one that’s full sized.

There’s a wide sink with a water butt above so kids can rinse things off and engage in water play, plus there’s an included stencil to add on your own hob ring.

The pans and whisk come included but it will need to be assembled after purchasing.

Available from: Very

Mud kitchen accessories

Wobbly Jelly – ‘Fairy Tale’ Kids Kitchen Set, £11.95

Age: 36 months+

This decorated toy kitchen set is ideal for mixing up in the garden – even if the design gets covered in mud within minutes!

Other buyers of the pan and utensil set seemed happy with the products as they received an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with over 100 reviews.

Reviewers’ comments included, “Just the right size for little hands” and “Great value for money. Lovely little set.”

Available from: Amazon

FUQUN 17 Pcs Pretend Play Kitchen Cookware Set, £17.99

This full cookware set contains loads of kid-size pots, pans and utensils for children to bake their mud pies and sieve water through. Everything is made from either stainless steel or BPA-free materials and is available as a blue or pink set.

The chef hat will help them feel like a proper cook while the apron might just reduce the amount of muddy stains you’ll need to get out of their clothes later.

There are more than 120 positive reviews on Amazon from previous buyers who made comments such as, “My daughter loves using all these items with her toy kitchen. It was such good value and gets loads of use,” and “These were purchased for a mud kitchen we made for our grandson. They are a great size for little hands.”

Available from: Amazon

Children’s Watering Can, £10.95

Age: 5+

There are lots of other garden accessories you can add to a mud kitchen, one of the simplest being a watering can. This is especially useful if your kitchen includes a sink section they can fill it up at.

This watering can is designed specifically for children so it’s small enough for their hands to hold and light enough for them to carry. The rose spout also disperses the water rather than pouring it all out at once so each fill-up should last a little longer.

Available from: Amazon

Mud Kitchen Recipe Book, £6

To help get their imagination going, this mud kitchen recipe book is a nice addition. It could also work well as a accompanying gift if you’re ordering a kitchen for a birthday or specific occasion.

This one is made by an independent seller on Etsy and is one of the website’s bestsellers.

Available from: Etsy

Personalised Mud Kitchen Sign, £5.99

Adding a sign (if your kitchen doesn’t come with one included) can be a quick way to make a mud kitchen feel like your child’s own. We love this one from Etsy which can be personalised with their name.

Printed on aluminium, the seller promises it can be used outdoors without rusting or fading over time. It will also have hanging holes ready drilled and be fitted with twine so you can hang it up straight away.

Available from: Etsy

IKEA KALAS Children’s Bowl Tumbler and Plate Set of 6, from £18.95

Age: 9+

This colourful set includes bowls, tumbler and plates. Made by IKEA, the products are perfectly sized for children and made from plastic, so you don’t have to worry about them smashing when they inevitably get dropped in the garden.

Available from: Amazon

Eda Jerry Can, from £8.99

While some kitchens come fitted with a tap or water butt, many don’t and you may want to add one of your own. Something like this jerry can, fitted with a tap, could be a good substitute and it can hold up to 10 litres of water at a time.

Also popular on Amazon, this product scored 4 out of 5 stars with over 130 reviews and when they’re not using it to bake mud pies you can always take it on family camping trips.

Available from: Amazon


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