A trampoline, if you can afford the price and the space, is a fantastic addition to any garden, as it guarantees hours of fun for little ones – and not-so-little ones. However, with so many different sizes, shapes and styles available, it can be tricky to decide on which of the hundreds of options to go for.


To make things a little easier, we've enlisted our child testers (and their parents) to try and test a lot of trampolines to select the very best ones for children of different ages, a range of sizes and prices. So, what are you waiting for? Jump to it!

Best trampolines at a glance

  • Best for uneven ground: TP 10ft Infinity Octagonal Trampoline, £799.99
  • Best trampoline with sounds: Plum 4.5ft Junior Jungle Trampoline and Enclosure with Sounds, £189.99
  • Best safety features: Springfree Compact Round Trampoline, £1095
  • Best for easy storage: Galt Toys Folding Trampoline, £69.99
  • Best trampoline with water feature: Plum 8ft Wave Springsafe Trampoline and Enclosure with Mist, £229.99
  • Best family trampoline: Jump Power Elite Series 12ft x 8ft Rectangular Trampoline & Enclosure, £279.99
  • Best-value trampoline: Techsport 6ft Trampoline with Safety Net, £99.99
  • Best in-ground trampoline: Plum 8ft Circular In-Ground Trampoline with Net, £569.99
  • Best for older babies and toddlers: KidActive Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline, £49.99
  • Best for large families: JumpPRO 15ft x 10ft Xcite Green Oval Trampoline with Enclosure, £629

What to look for when buying a trampoline

Size – Before you buy, make sure to carefully measure the space in your garden, so you can get an idea of how much room you've really got for a trampoline. Trampolines generally range from 6ft to 14ft (not including the outer springs and padding), and then you need to factor in some space around it, too. "We recommend a 2m safety perimeter around the trampoline, if possible," says David Woodman, Head of QA and Product Development at Plum Play. "Make sure the trampoline is placed away from obstructions such as sheds and trees, too."

Shape – Most trampolines are round, rectangular or oval. Round trampolines have typically been the most popular for children as they have a 'bounce to the centre' effect that encourages the jumper back to the centre of the bounce mat. This is a good safety feature, so long as there's only one person jumping at a time (which is always what's officially recommended). Rectangular and oval trampolines, however, have multiple bounce areas (depending on their size) and this means the jumper stays in their 'zone' rather than being guided into the centre, so 2 children jumping together are less likely to collide. It’s also worth bearing in mind the shape of your garden: round trampolines tend to take up the most space relative to the jumping space they provide, whereas oval and rectangular trampolines can fit into corners or narrow gardens while still providing plenty of jump space.

Safety – All the trampolines we've selected are safe but some have more safety features than others. Some have super-secure enclosures, for example, or spring-free designs that eliminate pinch points where feet could get trapped. It's also worth considering how easily and quickly you can make the trampoline safe during a storm. "We would always recommend that you dismantle a trampoline prior to periods of high wind," explains David Woodman.

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Durability/Warranty – Price is, of course, always a factor but do weigh up how much good quality is worth. A kids’ trampoline has to withstand quite a bashing. Some brands provide excellent warranties and/or are made from superior materials that withstand UV better and deteriorate less quickly.

In-ground or overground? – If you’re looking for a trampoline that's more discreet you could go with an in-ground option that is set into the ground (we’ve included a great one in our selection) but keep in mind you'll have to do quite a lot of digging to install it properly – and then it's not something you'll want to dig up for a bit! If you're going for an above-ground option, think about the surface you have to put it on: grass is always better and more forgiving if your child stumbles off, and some trampolines are only suitable for use on grass. If your surface area is very uneven, look for a trampoline with legs you can adjust.

Maintenance – An investment like a trampoline needs to be carefully maintained throughout the year to ensure it's safe to use in the months ahead. "Warning signs to look out for," says David Woodman, "include holes or sagging in the jumping mat, loose stitching or deterioration in the jumping mat, bent or broken frame parts, rusting, damaged springs and deterioration on the enclosure net and safety pad.”

Here's our pick of the best trampolines for children:

1. TP Infinity 10ft Octagonal Trampoline, £799.99

Best for uneven ground

TP Toys Infinity trampoline with child tester

Age: 6+ | Size: 10ft | Assembled size: L342cm x W342cm x H290cm | Frame: Galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 105kg | Warranty: 10 years (frame); other parts 1 year | Build time: 2 hours (with 2 adults)

This large 8-sided older-kids trampoline has springs fully covered with heavy-duty PVC pads and a zip-free, crawl-through entrance tunnel that means there's no danger of children falling out of the opening.

This is a particularly brilliant choice for gardens where the grass isn't perfectly flat, as the 8 legs of the frame sit on flexible feet, which adjust to the floor beneath them. The bowed legs do mean, though, that this trampoline has a larger footprint than the mat (which is 304cm x 304cm), so will take up more of your garden than a 10ft trampoline with U-shaped legs.

The distinctive springs on all 8 sides create different 'jump zones', allowing multiple users to jump safely at the same time. "Me and my brother use it every day and always stay on opposite sides of the trampoline, even when we jump really high," says our child tester Rocco, 6 (pictured above).

There's a soft but super strong nylon mesh surrounding the trampoline and keeping children off the springs and away from the edge of the frame. It’s sheer enough to see through and also UV-resistant. The enclosure is pretty tall but it's cleverly constructed and can be taken down by 1 adult in less than 1 minute – which proved handy for 1 of our child tester's parents when a sudden storm rolled in.

Our only gripe is that you have to buy the ladder (and cover) separately as part of an Accessory Kit. And you will need a ladder: this trampoline's mat sits a whopping 96cm off the ground.

Also available in a 12ft version.

Pros: Adjustable feet, 'jump zones', zip-free entrance tunnel, excellent netting that's easy to take down, high maximum user weight
Cons: Larger footprint than conventional frames, not suitable for younger children, no ladder

Available at: TP Toys and Adventure Toys

2. Plum 4.5ft Junior Jungle Trampoline and Enclosure with Sound, £189.99

– Best trampoline with sounds

An image of a child bouncing on a netted trampoline next to an image of the trampoline in a studio

Age: 3+ | Size: 4.5ft | Assembled size: L122cm x W122cm x H180cm | Frame: Galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 40kg | Warranty: 1 year | Build time: 2 hours (2 adults)

Bounce on the jungle creatures printed on the mat of this preschooler-friendly trampoline and you'll hear a lion's roar, an elephant's trumpet, birdsong or monkey chatter, courtesy of a battery-powered sound box that's safely hidden away from jumping feet. It's a lovely feature – and absolutely thrilled all our testers (although we, rather pedantically, were mildly irked that the noises don't correspond with the pictures – so you can bounce on a lion but hear an elephant.)

Animal fun aside, this is a great little trampoline for smaller children – the mat is an easily clamber-able 36cm off the ground – and it should fit in even small gardens, although, as with all trampolines, the recommended safety perimeter is 2m so factor that in, too. The L-shaped zip keeps your child safely inside the enclosure, as long as you remember to do it up properly.

"I love it so much, it's just AMAZING!" was the verdict of our child tester Harrison, 3 (pictured above), who played on it for hours with his 5-year-old sister. Their mum Steffi-Louise added, "It’s great that both my son and daughter like the trampoline: the decorations round the edge aren't stereotypical 'girlie or boy' in style. Both of them were over the moon with it and spent lots of time making the animal sounds together. It also seems very sturdy and high quality."

There is also a Minions version and, for even smaller children, a 'bouncer' version suitable from 18 months+.

Pros: Good for small gardens, good for smaller children, fun sounds
Cons: Requires batteries (3 xAAA), not suitable for older children

Available at: Very, Robert Dyas, Early Learning Centre, The Entertainer and Argos

3. Springfree 8ft Compact Round Trampoline, £1095

Best for safety features

springfree compact round trampoline with child tester

Age: 3+ | Size: 8ft | Assembled size: L122cm xW122cm xH230cm | Frame: Powder-coated galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 80kg | Warranty: 10 years | Build time: 2 hours (2 adults)

The Springfree range of trampolines (this is their smallest one) is specifically engineered to eliminate trampoline-related injuries. Most injuries occur when a child's fingers or feet get caught in the metal springs and/or when a child collides with the frame, so, on this trampoline, instead of springs at the side of the mat linking to the frame, flexible composite rods tether the mat from underneath to the frame below. And the flexible net rods bow out, unlike than your usual straight hard-metal poles. Last but by no means least, the zipped enclosure has its own flexible supports to cushion jumpers and prevent falls.

And these innovative safety features actually also produce a better jumping experience. The lack of springs means more jumping space – this 8ft trampoline has a jumping surface equivalent to that of a 10ft trampoline with springs – and no springs on the edge means no need for padding round the edge; instead, there's a soft edge mat that’s far more shock absorbent. Plus, the net-enclosure supports direct you back towards the centre of the mat.

We think the rods give this trampoline a lovely, soft, controlled bounce – something Paula, mum to our child testers Jack, 10 (pictured above) and Alanah, 7, commented on in particular. "The whole family uses this trampoline, so it really does get well used," she added. "The kids love it and I feel so much more relaxed knowing that it doesn't have springs."

Its impressive 10-year guarantee is testament to what a robust trampoline you're getting for your money but it doesn't come with a ladder (the mat is 80cm off the ground), although you can pay for one separately. There is quite a collection of other accessories you can add as extras, including basketball hoop, dodgeballs, rubber matting, shifting wheels to help you relocate the trampoline within your garden and even a Stargazing Kit! You can also pay extra to have the trampoline assembled in your garden for you.

Also available in 10ft and 13ft versions,

Pros: Great safety features, high quality frame, large jumping space relative to garden footprint, long warranty, high maximum user weight
Cons: Pricey, no ladder

Available at: Springfree, Trampolines, Capital Play and Wicken Toys

4. Galt Toys Folding Trampoline, £69.99

– Best for easy storage

galt folding trampoline with child tester

Age suitability: 3+| Size: 1.8ft | Assembled size: L86cm x W86cm x H82cm | Frame: Coated steel | Netting included: No | Maximum user weight: 25kg | Warranty: 1 year guarantee | Build time: 15 to 30 minutes (1 adult)

This compact, good-value trampoline looks at first like an indoor-only bouncer but it has a tough weatherproof jumping mat and weatherproof frame cover, making it suitable for year-round outdoor use, too. Gabrielle, mum of our child tester Amaya, 3 (pictured above), said, "We use it outside mostly but it's so easy to carry and re-site indoors that, when the weather's rubbish, we bring it in – and it's a great way for my child to burn off some energy on a rainy day."

There are no springs; just bungee cord to give the mat bounce, and the colourful padded cover prevents your child stepping through the cord and trapping their toes. There's also an easy-to-grip handle which is great for helping younger kids keep their balance while jumping (although it's definitely suitable right up to 5 years at least).

It's never going to be as sturdy or as bouncy as a much bigger trampoline and you can only really have 1 child using it at a time but it's a great choice if you're not ready to shell out for a high-spec model – and its standout feature is how easily it folds for storage: the 25cm-high legs just fold down and the handle screws off, leaving a 86cm x 86cm x 9cm package that's easily stowed under a sofa or inside a cupboard, ready to be played with another day.

Pros: Folds for storage, can be used indoors, good for small gardens, good for younger children
Cons: Not as sturdy or bouncy as larger trampolines, low maximum user weight, not suitable for small toddlers or children over 6

Available at: Amazon, The Entertainer and Galt Toys

5. Plum 8ft Wave Springsafe Trampoline and Enclosure with Mist, £229.99

– Best trampoline with water feature

Studio shot of the Plum 8ft Wave Springsafe Trampoline and Enclosure with Mist

Age: 6+ | Size: 8ft | Assembled size: L240cm x W240cm x H210cm | Frame: Galvanised and white powder-coated steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 50kg | Warranty: 1 year | Build time: 2 hours (2 adults)

Stand down the sprinkler! This trampoline comes fitted with a misting system that runs around the top of the net, ready to be hooked up to a hose pipe and cool your little jumpers down. Of course, there are some misting or sprinkler trampoline accessories that you can buy separately but a built-in option is far less fiddly and gives a more consistent spray.

On sunny days, the mist evaporates before the trampoline gets too wet but, even if things do get a bit slippery, the carefully designed enclosure separates your jumping child safely from the springs and frame parts. The weatherproof netting has an L-shaped zip opening, which Zoe, mum to our child tester Jack, 6, describes as "perfect – the fastening and the way it is held together makes it difficult for Jack to damage, which he did manage to do on our previous trampoline."

It's good value for its size – and its extra water feature – and it's built to last: the galvanised steel frame gives protection against rust while the weatherproof pads and enclosure ensure safe play for years to come. It doesn't have a ladder but the mat's really not high enough for a child in the right age range to need one. There’s no quick way to take the enclosure down when the weather suddenly changes, though, because the water pipe runs around the perimeter at the top of the netting.

Also available in 10ft, 12ft and 14ft versions – and also a version with lights as well as mist.

Pros: Great misting feature, good value for size, reasonable maximum user weight
Cons: Enclosure can't be taken down quickly, only suitable for older children

Available at: Amazon, Argos and Plum Play

6. Jump Power Elite Series 12ft x 8ft Rectangular Trampoline & Enclosure, £279.99

– Best family trampoline

Jump Power Elite Series 12 x 8ft Rectangular Trampoline & Enclosure with child tester

Age: 6+ | Size: 12ft x 8ft | Assembled size: L366cm x W244cm x H273cm | Frame: Galvanised and powder-coated steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 100kg | Warranty: Not specified | Build time: 2 hours (2 adults)

Rectangular trampolines can be ideal for tucking into the corner of a garden or fitting into narrower spaces. They are also excellent for older kids who want extra bounce for tricks and twists or sibling who can bounce together as, there are 2 distinct 'bounce spots' at either end of the mat, rather than 1 in the middle.

This particular rectangular trampoline has a high enclosure with steel top ring that keeps the netting in shape and away from the 8 enclosure bars that curve away from the frame to allow more room for exuberant bouncers. You will need to replace the netting every year, though.

It's excellently priced, particularly as it's impressively strong, sturdy and stable, with weldless joints and an extra support bar in the frame and 4 wide legs placed at angles to stop it from 'walking' or tipping.

Katie, mum to our child testers Paige, 7, and her sister Felicity, 3 (both pictured above) was really impressed by its size and said it was quite a struggle to get her children to stop jumping on it! "I also like how easily you can take it down in stormy weather," she said.

It's only suitable for use on grass and it doesn't come with a ladder – and you will need one as the jump mat is 90cm off the ground (you can buy one sold separately). It's sold in 3 car-size packages, though, which means if you'd rather not wait for delivery, you can click and collect it yourself.

Pros: Good price, good for siblings bouncing together, can be collected in a (big) car, netting easy to take down, high maximum user weight
Cons: Only suitable for use on grass, no ladder, net needs replacing every year, not suitable for younger children

Available at: Smyths Toys

7. Techsport 6ft Trampoline with Safety Net, £99.99

– Best-value trampoline

Techsport 6ft Trampoline with Safety Net

Age: 5+ | Size: 6ft | Assembled size: 183cm (diameter) x H200cm | Frame: Galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 50kg | Warranty: Not specified | Build time: 1 hour (1 adult)

This small but perfectly formed trampoline is ideal for families with small gardens, smallish children and smallish budgets. At a smidge under £100, it’s the most affordable option than most we have seen and – hurray! – one of the few bigger-kid trampolines that only needs 1 adult to assemble it.

It's a strong and responsive trampoline with nice, taut spring and a galvanised, rust-resistant steel frame comparable to that of far more expensive models. In fact, Jacqueline, mum of Brandon, 5, who tested this trampoline for us last summer said, "It's survived through the worst the winter could throw at it with no problem."

Added safety features include 15mm-thick padding over the springs, as well as 6 padded enclosure bars that hold the net up and away from the jump zone. The zip-enclosure net itself is decent quality but will need to be replaced every year.

There's no ladder included because it's nice and low to the ground but we do recommend you buy the separate Trampoline Tie Down Kit because this trampoline is quite light (27kg) and should, for safety, really be properly anchored to your lawn (it’s only suitable for use on grass). Packaging will fit in a big car if you'd prefer to click and collect.

Pros: Great value, good for small gardens, reasonable maximum user weight, only needs 1 adult to assemble, can be collected in a (big) car
Cons: Only suitable for use on grass, net needs replacing every year, not suitable for younger children

Available at: Smyths Toys

8. Plum 8ft In-Ground Trampoline with Net, £569.99

– Best in-ground trampoline

A collage showing a boy jumping on the Plum 8ft Circular In-Ground Trampoline and the product shot in a studio

Age: 6+ | Size: 8ft | Assembled size: 244cm (diameter) x H22cm, above ground (with enclosure: 150cm) | Frame: Galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 75kg | Warranty: Frame 5 years; mat and pad: 2 years; other parts: 1 year | Build time: 2.5 hours, not including digging (2 adults)

Not everyone is keen on a hulking great trampoline frame sitting in their lovely garden and if that sounds like you, a ground-level version (basically a trampoline that's 'buried' so only the bounce mat is showing) might be the answer. Depending on where you position it and what planting you put around it, you mightn't even see it until you're almost standing on it.

Built-in trampolines tend to be more expensive than freestanding versions but this Plum model offers great features at a reasonable price. Below ground, the thick, double galvanised steel frame is built to last, while above ground, thick UV-resistant, weather-proof pads cover the edge where the trampoline meets the lawn. This trampoline has shorter-than-usual legs, so you won’t have to dig as far down as you might think when installing it into the ground.

The net provides extra security but can be easily taken down and stored in its bag. Jessica, mum to our child tester Stanley, 6 (pictured), said, "This trampoline is big enough for our Stanley and a friend or 2, so we add the enclosure when there are children visiting. But without the net, it looks, we feel, so much nicer than having a trampoline stood in the garden."

You'll need to think carefully about where you want this trampoline to go, as obviously, once you've dug the hole, it's not great to change your mind. "It was hard work to dig it in," said Jessica, "but worth it!”

Pros: Garden-friendly design, good value, good maximum user weight, cover for netting included
Cons: Requires digging to install, cannot be easily moved, not suitable for younger children

Available from: Amazon, Robert Dyas and Plum

9. KidActive Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline, £44.99

– Best for older babies and toddlers

A studio shot of Kid Active Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline

Age: 12 months+ | Size: 1.5ft | Assembled size: L56cm x W58cm x H64cm | Frame: Coated steel | Netting included: No | Maximum user weight: 18kg | Warranty: 1 year | Build time: 15 to 30 minutes (1 adult)

This mini trampoline is suitable for children from 12 months, so is ideal as a first introduction to bouncing – especially with its added Peppa appeal.

The legs are only 17cm off the ground, making it easy for even a small child to climb onto, though you might need to help them clamber off. Once on the jumping mat, they can grip onto a 2-pronged handlebar for added stability.

It's suitable for indoor use, too and has rubber feet for to prevent slipping on hard floors and a well padded mat over the frame.

Due to its smaller size and scale, this trampoline isn’t hugely bouncy but, actually, that's exactly what you want for a small child – just enough bounce to be fun without feeling scary.

Also available in a Paw Patrol version, if Peppa Pig doesn't hit the spot.

Pros: Can be used year-round, easy to carry, good for small gardens, low enough for toddlers to climb on and off, user-handle for stability
Cons: Doesn’t fold for storage, not as bouncy as larger trampolines, low maximum user weight

Available at: Amazon and Very

10. JumpPRO 15ft x 10ft Xcite Oval Trampoline with Enclosure, £629

– Best for large families

Studio shot of the JumpPRO 15ft x 10ft Xcite Green Oval Trampoline with Enclosure

Age: 6+ | Size: 15ft x 10ft | Assembled size: L458cm x W305cm x H270cm | Frame: Galvanised steel | Netting included: Yes | Maximum user weight: 150kg | Warranty: 1 year | Build time: 2 hours (2 adults)

This oval-shaped trampoline offers an impressive 14ft x 9ft of jumping space within its 15ft x10ft footprint and, like a rectangular trampoline, is easier to fit into the corner of a garden than a round one. The sturdy frame has foam-padded poles that secure the black netting and protect bouncers from the springs and the hard edge of the mat.

Shape aside, what makes this trampoline stand out is its particularly high weight limit – 150kg (which is 23 stone) – so it's great for large families (and adventurous parents!). Also, like a rectangular trampoline, it has 2 distinct bouncing areas. This helps stop children who are bouncing at the same time from colliding with each other or drifting onto the springs.

There's no ladder but it's not too high to climb for a 6-year-old+. The mesh enclosure shuts with buckles, as well as a zip, which is a bit fiddly for children who are desperate just to get bouncing. You'll have to be super-fierce about taking the time to do up both fastenings or ensure all is properly done up yourself. Available in Green (pictured) or Black.

Pros: Large, good for children bouncing together, large bounce mat relative to footprint, very high maximum user weight
Cons: Pricey, may be too big for some gardens, fiddly fastenings, only suitable for older children

Available at: Amazon, MadFun and Trampolines


How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards and MadeForMums Toy Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations. 

To select this list of best trampolines for kids, we looked at size, assembly, safety features, age suitability and value for money.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10; instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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