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10 of the best water play tables for children

If you're looking for a cute but sturdy water table for kids, we've got some great options right here from brands including Little Tikes and ASDA


Kids love water play tables for that bit of extra splashy fun in the garden – especially on those warmer summer days.


And there are some great water activity tables out there, including toddler water tables that are ideal for younger kids.

You can get sand and water tables, too, for a double dose of fun. A few of the water play tables we’ve seen even have lids = super handy ?

Take a look at 10 of the best water play tables for kids…

1. Little Tikes Anchors Away Sand And Water Table For Kids, £62.99


Age: From 18 months

What it is: A robust moulded plastic table that comes complete with a bucket, pirate figurines, a toy whale, boats and digging cups.

Why we love it: Well, of course we love the pirate theme – kind of goes without saying – but one of our fave features on this water table is the water cannon that can be hand-pumped to squirt water.

We love how you can wind the anchor up and down too. Plus it just looks super cool.

Available from: Amazon

2. Step 2 Waterfall Discovery Wall, £59.99


Age: From 18 months

What it is: An unusual 2-sided ‘wall’ table where 2 or more children can have fun pouring water and watching it descend down a maze of tunnels and spinners.

Why we love it: You can rearrange the parts on this water wall and make different maze routes for the water to flow through.

The water collects in the basin so your child can easily just scoop it up and pour it right back dow again – endless fun for a super sunny day.

Available from: Amazon

3. Early Learning Centre Sand And Water Table, £40

Age: From 18 months

What it is: A super-colourful half water, half sand tray that comes with 10 toys including a rake, spade, boat, scoop, funnels, moulds and wheels.

Why we love it: This neat little table can be used for both sand and water, and has space for the toys it comes with to fit neatly underneath.

When they’ve finished playing there’s a lid to pop on which has a built in car track for Magnetic Trio cars – a whole new level of fun!

Available from: Early Learning Centre

4. Plum Surfside Sand And Water Picnic Table, £89


Age: 3 to 4 years

What it is: A wooden sand and water table that can also be used as a picnic table.

Why we love it: One thing you might find with buying bulkier garden toys is that they have a short-ish life span: once your kids are a bit older they probably won’t be in to water and sand fun as much as when they’re really little.

That’s why we love this love this product from Plum: as long as there are sunny days, it’s always going to be handy to have a picnic table in the garden for kids to eat at, or read or draw at.

Pricier than the others here – but we think you’ll get your value for money on this one.

Available from: Amazon 

5. Mookie Sand and Water Fold Away Play Table, £33.99

Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A foldable sand and water table that comes with a spade and fork and removable side trays.

Why we love it: As the fold down and reassemble are meant to be pretty easy with this table, if you’re having a beach day and are going to be spending a fair bit of time there, you might want to take along this super handy table for some extra fun in the sun – great for little ones who can often get bored at half time on days out.

Available from: eBay

6. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Water Table, £39.99


Age: 2 years plus

What it is: Another Little Tikes offering. This one comes with 6 accessories, including a scooping cup and colourful character balls that double as squirt balls for more splashing fun.

Why we love it: It’s dinky, but because it’s round a fair few kids can play at once. We also think it’s a great price point.

And it goes without saying your children will be mesmerised watching the water spiral down and float the ball in the middle.

Available from: Smyths Toys, Amazon

7. Kandy Toys Summer Fun Sand and Water Table,  £11.95


Age: From 18 months

What it is: A small, cute, budget water and sand table for younger children.

Why we love it: If you think your toddler might enjoy some water and sand fun, but you don’t want to spend a fortune in case they go off it quickly, or the weather just doesn’t permit, you might want to think about this brightly-coloured option.

It comes with 8 accessories, too, including sand shapers, a bucket and fork and spade. It even comes with a lid.

Available from: Amazon

8. Me and Freya Clear Water And Sand Table, £250


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A super strong clear water and sand tray with wheels.

Why we love it: This is an investment purchase, so if you have a child or children who really love sand and water play you might just want to consider it.

Strong and sturdy, the table comes on wheels and has a lid that can also be slotted underneath and used as a shelf to store toys on too.

It can be used with or without the stand so children can sit and play if they prefer.

Available from: Not On The High Street

9. Garden Games Picnic Table Sandpit, £59.99


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A sandpit that doubles as a garden bench.

Why we love it: If you liked the look of the Plum bench higher up in this article but can’t quite find the nearly £90 for it, we found this £20 off deal on a very similar bench.

It seats 4 children around it and has been treated to withstand outdoor use as well as being guaranteed for a year against wood rot and insect infestation.

Available from: Big Game Hunters

10. Outdoor Wooden Tuff Tray Table, £215


Age: 3 years plus

What it is: A super versatile large wooden play tray for sand and water fun, arts and crafts and picnics.

Why we love it: The big bonus of this tray is that, as it can be used in so many ways, it will become one of those staple garden accessories you’ll always turn to for different things.

We can’t imagine it not being a handy addition to the garden in fact – and in winter months, if you’ve got the room, bring it inside and use it for indoor arts and crafts and snack times.

Available from: Cost Cutters

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