Baby born weighing a stone

Heavyweight Harry Crossland tips the scales at 13lb 15oz and becomes one of Britain’s biggest babies


The proud parents of their not-so-tiny bundle of joy are recovering from the shock of the arrival of their baby boy, who weighed nearly a stone. Big Harry Crossland was born by caesarean and despite only being a few days old, is already wearing clothes for a 3-6 month old.


“We were flabbergasted. I thought they’d given me someone else’s baby,” Harry’s mum Sharon, 35, told the Daily Mail. “I had a growth scan the day before and the staff said he would be about nine and a half pounds, so it was a massive shock.”

The astonished parents welcomed Harry at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary, where it recorded his birth as the biggest since their records began. The mum of three has no idea why her youngest child was born so big but did admit that she had trouble walking during the last days of her pregnancy.

“I never experienced that with any of the other children. I couldn’t eat at all because I felt full after every mouthful!” She also admitted that Harry weighed more than his siblings put together when he was born.


Bouncing baby boy Harry may have come as a surprise to his parents but it looks like he is in good company in the big baby clan. The heaviest newborn in Britain was Guy Warwick Carr, born in 1992, weighing 15lb 8oz. The current world record holder is a baby boy born in Italy in 1955, who tipped the scales at 22lb 8oz . The most recent heavyweight birth was in Indonesia, where a mum delivered a 19lb baby.


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