Baby boys to live longer than girls?

Experts predict that baby boys born today will outlive baby girls


Experts have predicted that boys born today may be the first generation in which boys could outlive girls, reports the Telegraph.


Due to health protecting properties of female hormones, women have previously been expected to live up to six years longer than men.

It has been forecast by experts advising the Office of National Statistics (ONS) population projection department that boys who are 12 now will live (on average) to 87, if they safely reach their 30s. It’s argued this is because there’s an increase in deaths in young men as they have a tendency to be more reckless in their teens and early 20s than women.

It’s suggested that boys younger than 12 will live even longer but the growth in girls’ life expectancy will stall.

So why does this seem to be the case? Experts claim that men’s lives have, in general, become healthier but this hasn’t been the case for us ladies. The increase in binge drinking, lung cancer rates and obesity have been name-checked, with smoking, drinking and being obese having more of a negative effect on our bodies, seeing them sustain more damage than men’s bodies. This undermines the positive effect of oestrogen, which is believed to help prevent heart attacks in women later down the line. 

Professor Leslie Mayhew, of Cass Business School at City University, London, said that men have benefited from improvements in the treatment of heart disease, which is more commonly found to affect men rather than women. He also noted the big decrease in the numbers of men smoking and working in heavy industry.


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