Baby cries every time someone sings a song from Frozen! VIDEO

See how the Disney movie music upsets one very young fan


If your children love Disney’s Frozen then the sound of any of the musical’s songs might well be driving you up the wall.


In fact, by the day’s third airing you may well want to scream, “Stop with the Let It Go already!”

And you’re not alone. The songs actually bring this baby to tears.

In this sweet video, baby Claire sobs as her mum sings Do you want to build a Snowman.

“Claire is a very sweet and happy baby, but for some reason this song gets her emotions going!” her mum commented.

It’s OK Claire. We know how you feel. Now if only those songs weren’t so catchy, we might be able to get them out of our heads for 5 minutes.

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MadeForMums Writer – Jessica Gibb

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