Baby film star becomes internet sensation

Oxfordshire 6-month-old becomes an internet hit after mum starts a blog of him recreating classic movie scenes


A 6-month-old baby from Oxford has become an internet hit for his cute recreations of famous film scenes. Baby Arthur Hammond has posed as everyone from Mena Suvari in American Beauty to John Hurt in Alien.


Arthur’s mum, writer Emily Cleaver, has taken photos of her son in various poses from classic films. She’s even created a blog for her star baby, which gets 50,000 hits a month.

Films Arthur has “starred” in include The Blair Witch Project, Rambo, Jaws and The Shining, and mum Emily has plans to extend his repertoire.

“Arthur enjoys all the attention when he is doing the scenes and likes it when I take his photo,” said Emily. “I am planning an album for him to look at when he’s older I don’t know whether he will think they are cool or be embarrassed by them,” she added.

We rather like Ram-baby, which is your favourite?

Photos by Emily Cleaver on Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies blog.

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