Baby George doll: yours for £50

Limited-edition doll goes on sale for Christmas in celebration of royal baby


Children can now get their very own Baby George doll, to celebrate the birth of Kate and William’s new baby.


Zapf Creations has launched Baby Annabell’s little brother, George. He sports a very regal romper, complete with a heart-shaped Union Jack motif.

But the manufacturers insist he’s not a proper lookalikey Prince George doll; he was only created in celebration of the Prince, they say – perhaps because there are strict rules preventing manufacturers from cashing in on the future king.

Baby George makes realistic sounds and facial expressions and, when he cries, he can be comforted by a lullaby. And when you’ve managed to calm him down, he’ll giggle or sigh to tell you he’s happy.

We’re sure Baby George will be a popular buy, while he’s available, but he’s unlikely to outsell his big sister Annabell, who’s a regular in the Dream Toys charts.

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