The UK’s favourite children’s toy: revealed!

We've all gone bananas for a simple word game


Bananagrams is the most UK’s popular toy, according to Amazon.


The game, in which you make a crossword against the clock, even has the cast of Downton Abbey hooked. Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, says they play it during breaks from filming.

Rubik’s Cube was the second most popular toy. And Orchard Toys’ Shopping List, a memory game for young children, came third in a list dominated by the simple and the traditional.   

“At a time when interactive and electronic toys are becoming more advanced, our bestsellers show that traditional family favourites still have a place in Britain’s toy boxes,” said Victoria Nelson, manager of Amazon Toys.

The top 15 bestselling toys are:

1.     Bananagrams

2.     Original Rubik’s Cube

3.     Shopping List

4.     Scrabble

5.     Monopoly

6.     Medical Carrycase

7.     Tomy Pop-up Pirate

8.     Pass the Pigs

9.     20Q

10.   Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

11.   Brainbox – The World

12.   20Q Version 2

13.   Silverlit Picooz Remote Control Helicopter

14.   Aritculate – The Fast Talking Description Game

15.   Addictaball Large Maze Puzzle Game

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